A Story by Lord of mad men

At 0600 hours I was heading to The province HQ for what I assumed was a standard briefing. I arrived at HQ  at 0800. Once when I pulled into the complex I was seized and a black bag was put over my head and I was knocked unconscious with some kind of drug. I woke up tied to a chair in a damp room the reeked of sulfur. once I smelled that foul order I knew where I was. I was in an intel retrieval room in sector 12 of HQ. Then I heard loud booming footsteps followed by light soft steps. I felt the heat from the lights through the thick black bag over my head. I heard the locks on the door turn and the door opened. I heard two enter the room and the bag was pulled off my head. as the light blinded me I squinted to see who was standing before me. It was a fit man who was clean shaven and next to him was a young lean woman. only the man spoke with an insertive voice he says"Hello Director, Do you know why you are here?" I replied with I could assume but I would rather like to know for sure.he said "do not be smart with me" I said" little lady do I scare you?" she blushed and backed into the corner. the man began to speak I ignored him till I heard the words"traitor' and"death". I said"a traitor in my ranks I think not. Are you accusing me? You should know better than accusing a member that is ranked like me" the girl blushed. The man said"Then explain how The files on agent X and the wolfbane experiments have gone missing" I said "Oh those were checked out by agent D37 and he is under investigation for acts aginst the order go check" He walks out but the Lady stays and we waited for him to return watching each other. I am not sure what it is about her but I sensed something familiar about her. He came back with a look of fear on his face. I said Was I right? He nodded silently motioning two guards to let release me. I said," well I guess someone's getting transferred to death squad". he gulped and with a broken nearly begging-like voice he said"Please I was only fallowing orders please do not send me to the Squid with those things. I will do anything" I raised my brow and said"hmmm I want her transferred to my base," he said, "b-but her clearance is not high enough."I said well make it" then was walked out.

© 2017 Lord of mad men

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Added on May 23, 2017
Last Updated on May 23, 2017


Lord of mad men
Lord of mad men

The void., PA

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A Story by Lord of mad men

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A Story by Lord of mad men