The Wonders

The Wonders

A Poem by Jared Fellows

My one and probably only abecedary. Enjoy

A is for aristocratic beggars with everything and nothing at all.
B is for bears shot by hunters while they were drinking water.
C is for crimes uncounted for due to the Twinkies in the world.
D is for damnation, since we’re all going to fall anyway.
E is for the eternal contact with other “intelligent” forms of life.
F is for flying because THAT is the true final frontier.
G is for the greatest answer in the universe: silence.
H is for Hunger that romps through the congested streets of the world.
I is for irony since it happens way too often to be funny anymore.
J is for jail and why aren’t the animals able to observe us when we can?
K is for the kiss of death that graces life before it becomes Hell.
L is for ligers who must think they are the best because Napolean Dynamite likes them.
M is for monkeys who life at our inferior intellect.
N is for the negligent who fail to realize we are insignificant.
O is for orangutans who have always had a plan to kill us.
P is for personal glory when we shoot a sleeping animal.
Q is for quitting the world and all we can do is just killing it.
R is for resting and dreams: everyone’s only refuge.
S is for secrecy that is never assured in the world ruled by media w****s.
T is for the tinkering of nature’s ways, but don’t worry: nature always wins.
U is for utilitarian use only, but do humans do that? No.
V is for the velvet touch of a murderer caressing his lover.
W is for the working man, but is there such a thing in nature?
X is for Xers who created a generation that will always be remembered.
Y is for you who lies beyond heaven because God didn’t want you to outshine Him.
Z is for zen that control the beasts within us all.

© 2009 Jared Fellows

Author's Note

Jared Fellows
Favorite lines and lines that don't work.

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Added on December 23, 2009
Last Updated on December 23, 2009


Jared Fellows
Jared Fellows

Los Angeles, CA

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