Blood in her eyes

Blood in her eyes

A Poem by Minnie

Letter and a poem in one


Writing about nothing is still writing about something. Writing about air is still a story to tell.

 I should die before I wake, just wanted to let you know…..

I have made mistakes everyday and no one ever let me live them down. I was scared when I was faced with the worst enemy greater than death, myself. Shame has been written on the lips of my family before I was even born. I have no reason to feel this way yet I still do. Do not let yesterday follow you today.

The ghost of your past will chase you to insanity and back, but you can only overcome the chase that might end your life. I am the only girl left with blood in her eyes, the tears hidden along with her pride. I leave all theses thoughts in my last note to humanity, why must we all die so young. This is just another day in our lives but we are lucky after all we are still alive. You can rise and shine only to fall in the beginning before anything has a chance to lift off.

Pushing and fighting go get hard and be tiring, yet I still walk down this plain white hall, this is the past were I break down and drop to my knees, I ask for life and I pray, I am so tired of being in this type of pain. I see all the looks and yet I see anger in the world and yet I can hate or love a perfect strange. Love is strange than anything else on this planet.

Love comes slowly, it takes time to develop and it takes time to fade into the darkness. What is right and wrong in love? Not many people know or care. Passion is desire for things you want more than anything in the world. I am in love and it can be so painful at times, it can break your heart it can make sure you get angry and blame yourself for all the fault.

This is not what I came here for, this is not what I wanted.  

© 2013 Minnie

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Added on November 23, 2013
Last Updated on November 23, 2013




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