should I hope you know me well tell me

should I hope you know me well tell me

A Poem by Robert Robbie Dudley

O how is all a bell

should I hope you know me

well tell me none

it gets drafty after dark

some places are

should I hope you know me

well tell me none

and my spots befell me not

I wore ruts on the floor

coats and hats where

book stands upon my head

readily at the last times

everything here is assigned

accordingly so

I can read the clouds

as well as one can

I don't like this

you're not so enthused lately

although I do

know it I see it get through it

I got it alright now

I wrote it all outward

all wrong instead

yet their results is in

one of a kind

afterglows disappears

O take me aback

to wide open streets of trees

in a bright long walk

on the curbs ahead

on nights gone off

sunshine left

in reflected artforms

I ought to be briefly

and knock it back

and kick it off

at my jack pail and boots

what way I thought beats

to be of landscapes 

reflected and through me

hid solitude higher

above farther on

make your mark

if I wake upon this trip

morning clear

to wade deep like a bird

across rivers

upon the skies

turns me up

same memories

out of times

on lines broke dropt

down 2 me

and how is this


feels worse today

O don't ask

affinity in here

that sparks in there

what's going on here

it's beginning again

I rather be thus farther

make your mark

than to be once

upon a well

and is it all filled in

I'm wishing

and dreaming I could

get it together then

come homeward

in the middle

under the blazing

moonlight hills

to be any patches upon sands

a story now binds

vines, ah, it's free branches

to behold your's always faces

mine's closer

O how is all a bell

grows out a new wall

in the garden I dug up


I leave on my bike 

I hang upon grips as-like

easily before

is it all ok when it's stops above

if moony be in zero roomy

O how is all a bell

should I hope you know me

well tell me

none whatever-so

done by a flat tire

climbing under

we restart now

stirring discarded white stones

what skips it aways

on dark waves

I cares, I feels without rungs

let it be a ring

let it be a ring 

let it ring

will this causes then

strangely over and over it's weird

I dug up 


so cool

in a seashore breeze

moving through me

my calm piano



© 2018 Robert Robbie Dudley

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Added on March 2, 2017
Last Updated on September 29, 2018


Robert Robbie Dudley
Robert Robbie Dudley

Riverside, NJ

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