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About Me

ACROSS THE NIGHT'S SHINING ROAD COVERS ME, i'LL READ. Thyme leeds rails rushes a begotten hold only copes
oh, poetry a random ray of yellow light
shining sky golden drops fields trickles by in two and in one knew thru drippings really
outta the ceilings O listenings clouds i swept up across the corners whiles
i like it to lay deep from leaves it can wait bespake wrote my rake a-happy time wood baskets of wings between for lights passes nights
down i chooses high walks across the ground best meanings goes to view, what's close, wow! see, look up
when i want to fly within, without wings torn
spanning high of everything, green, blue, yellow, over brown finds patch
Not blank signs gray nor of purple sunset red
in orange, pink, white, yet, fades outta more shades towers remained look'd falls off call'd broke
unto makes sunrise flower across
to become music wild hills winds of the mind
might i stand upon things
look the other ways chooses sight
a thought in flight at dawn
at dusk and against the day
and at a time amidst a night sky
a line to add, to resist anew a-drop into everything what does? Hey! Ground
unto a past memory it came to life but it ain't so & that's howso today
the same remains my indentity of myself
i feel, i count in here more than significant
when i'm done, if, ever, for later
mountains moved.
outwards, onwards down to the night's feeling thru
shining road, are lights, i'll read across, cover to cover my heart is dropt
what we are all and all one long line
by a line when uneven unables ways in idle hours to be per say we're
nearer away; If, must stop at times
it gets ever closer thence this way before reaches
was it everso i don't know
i needs it too although, i can dream
in meeting rooms everyone's gloom went thru
our's, mine and your's to the story over again
in a space-time, in a picture, in a dream
may-be in this if not perhaps dimes is dropt
perchance screams i lost a bit of making mud
on this time to look on i fall sad some got
if, all and all such and such is all rough all mixed-up
on the way and rose up unseen going up where-at you complicates
unto the end of an long incorrect path preening it and O' that scent acute, i am watching new leaves burst
a perfect beautiful, meeting room, keeping
ahold on by me alone at my own account hurts
thence is gone everyone deep over me all
the blue air falls fast wild hills we chose free valleys rivers
knows the wind rolls on like a drum rolls beat
tight within the troubles stiring up smiles
to be somewhat drifting off as a-senseless canvas so blank
inside a dark crystal
O' what is this thinking goes must stop links up, whenever at the end methinks
of the night's shining road covers me
i'll read my words although between the lines
casts a-metaphor heals as to when bleak declines gloom
into a shade that made it firm
the old apple tree of great art, water, stillness
seen afar with-in, with-out wings afar
a total slant of rain in the middle we'll have them, oh, poetry
a random ray of light although shining
when i got nothing, unless, howso, to say it ?
shimmering more obsolete i live thru this my,
mouse on a leaf.