Inspiration Time

Inspiration Time

A Poem by Sami Khalil

Aphorisms for life and living...Work in progress...


Inspiration Time / by Sami Khalil



Rumors can stir patterns of unjust outcomes. 

Hope flourishes even in the darkest of valleys.

 Words do give us wings to fly that body of thought

 soaring with the emotions touching skies. 

Try we must and in God we trust.

Choice is the cornerstone of our free will, the bedrock of our imaginations and the river of our thoughts. Variations of choice, enviroment, upbringing, inner and outer capacity can influence causation and outcome. 

( From a review I left to Emma Joy)

Soldiers can march

Can march better

With drum-beats!

Rulers can rule

Can rule better

Upon servant seats!

Poets can write

Can write better 

Where passion meets!

Humans can flourish

Can flourish better

Through selfless feats!

All religions meet at the forehead. The third eye is the

 gateway to visions and higher awareness of God and

 energy. The sign of the believer or disbeliever is located

 there vividly.

You cradle my imagination.

I'm somebody to someone(s), no one to many others.

Everything is relative but all of us are related. 

In the darkness, we look for heavenly guides. In the light,

 we are lost in the crowds. 

Someone at work asked me:" Why do you all say 'God Is Great' and not 'God Is The Greatest?'"

I answered him:" God is incomparable. When you say the greatest, that means you are comparing Him to someone else. He is great period for that is one of his attributes."

There is warmth in an attention and power in an intention. 

A good and wise investment is that of the self and its

infrastructure for improvement and maintenance is

always needed. 

Love is the harvest of the heart grasping hope eternal. To greet

life with open arms is to have the joy of love fulfilled in every


When normal things are shattered, people take notice.

Nothing can humanize injustice. Nothing can dehumanize suffering.

I did not discover America. America discovered me.

I did not discover poetry, my spirit did.

We see the value from the opposite and from within. 

When the shadow is no longer there, the sun hides behind dark clouds.

Being oneself and writing with own style, is an authentic reflection of who we are without bias or pretensions.

History is clothed 
in borrowing shadows,
privileged to the victor.
So, write your narrative,
fitting for good intention.

Taboos are like dark shadows, if taken in excess, silently wait for the moonlight to cast firm glances on calm waters, then causing ripple effects, muddying visions.

If a poem does what is intended to be, then the fruit of joy is earned by the writer.

Most humans seek a name, identity, formula or an object when searching for God. In doing so, they think inside the box called the physical reality. Although God's imprints are all over and in every detail, but he resides not in our imagination but in the Non-dual, unseen world. God is The Great Spirit which gave a spirit to each one of us. The way to know God or look forward to The God is through the spirit within and through experiencing Him and His presence. Now, when we ever and truly experience that, we feel the unconditional love that permeates all beings. In the dual world, He gave us the free will to test us and to choose between good and evil. Free will is not independence for we still have to honor and respect authority or it will be chaotic and total mayhem. Absolute independence from authority(which should be just and fair) is a rebellion and out of the Will of God. Peace, harmony and good will are all fruit of the obediance to His will. 
By the way, we all all spirits in a fleshly body and this body will be replaced one day with a perfect one in the unseen world, with our spirits intact. 
That is why your love will continue for your loved ones for it is spiritual in nature and not physical in essence. 
As for knowing God on a basic level, look at children and how they don't care about their fathers or mother's names or any other feature(like height, strength, knowledge and so forth) for all they know is love and sustenance they innately expect from them. That is why Jesus said that if you do not become as little children, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Children also have innocence, no grown up egos which seperates us totally from God and which is all based baseless things we cling to in this world. 

Together we destruct. Together we save.

We learn from limitations. We perceive in reflections. We burst from confinements.

Poems are powerful tools for sharing our inner and outer

worlds, definning our virtual realities and relaying

 things in communicative ways. 

Control the waves, control the masses. 

It is worthy to be first among equals and winners but not among losers.

Truthfulness is etched in the deep integrity of the soul. 

We all have a tormentor in the head and a healer in the soul.

Beyond the edges of complacency, the stakes are high.

Listlessness can be caught off guard in sports' passions.

Any sport is guts, glory and tradition, teaming together

with good strategy, needing lifelines of courage and

practice. And if you were the underdog, you are bound to

 be denuded of all respect. 

Old age is a must but old gauge is a choice.

Embrace your deficits, improve your fortunes.

Love is the gift that keeps on giving and the reward

everyone deserves.

One can experience the venerable injustice of slavery

 and conjure the horrific images of its depraved heritage.

 The sins of the past whisper in detail the highlights of

 our dramatic changes, indicative of restoration and

 retiring of past relics. The stripping of value, freedom

 and honor reflect the austere mania of bondage and a

 grim reminder of never again in the evolution of evil. 

I do think we can tolerate but not accept certain behaviors or life-styles. We can lead by example(leading the self first before others) but not impose our morality on others. They have to see it through us and know the value of it all. I have learned from experience that we can't impose our desires or deeply held convictions, for we all have our unique conscience but some people tend to suppress it and thus losing the higher self( the refuge and beacon of thoughts and actions) to the desires of the lower self with the ego as its lost ship. Only in submission and obedience to God's law and good, righteous ways, humanity will live happily in the here and now and know the joy of peace for eternity. 
In any case, we can object to all those life- styles( which are perversions and abominations unto God) and show the right path from the wrong one. 
We don't want to sound hateful or bigoted as the media like to portray the other side of the argument. 

Be fascinated by good ideas in the service of ideals.

No one should kneel down or be forced to kneel down to anyone or anything; a person, a flag or a national anthem of any country. We are only to kneel down to The Almighty God(period). All others are forms of paganism. I will never do that.

No one can monopolize The Truth. It is available to all who seek it. 

Science seeks facts while religion seeks meaning. Science ventures into worldly discovery while religion ventures into self-discovery. 

 Ok. Be safe. Live happy. Eat healthy. Read wisely. Study

 diligently. Love gently. Give freely. Judge less. Work

 lovingly. Create intelligently. Treat fairly. Smile often.

 Laugh occasionally. Feel sensibly. Look hopefully.  

Compassion is a form of love in the universality of 

freedom and justice,wanting to benefit others and put 

their welfare, well being and interest before ours to 

make the world a better place. I believe the 

founding fathers in the document of the constitution had 

a lot of compassion and selfless sacrifices to encompass all different groups.

Life is full of enterprises and surprises.

With leadership comes either admiration or envy.

Happiness comes from meaning and purpose. 

Faith without action is a fantasy. Faith with action is a reality.

People are not hungry for lack of food, they are for lack of purpose. 

In many fields of life, there is a big difference between purpose and an indicator. One is the root and the other is the fruit. 

It is more effective to tell the self what to think or do

 rather than just to listen to it. 

Faith motivates the soul as science stimulates the mind and imagination. They should go hand in hand and compliment each other.

Strife is mindless and worldly. Struggle is mindful and


Nothing is wasted if wisdom is gained and growth is achieved.

God does not die, not even temporarily. He is neither a man nor a woman. Not a mortal. He is The Eternal, Great Spirit. 

God does't sleep, never rests.

God has neither an equal nor a partner.  

God is neither an alpha nor an omega for He has neither a beginning nor an end.

God is indivisible. He is perfect oneness. No trinity for it is a false doctrine from the ancient pagans carried over.

God is neither a murderer to kill his son nor a coward to do such a thing instead of himself being killed. 

No man or woman can be held responsible for others sins. It is illogical and not just. 

Own up to your actions and reactions.

You are not wise indeed when you deny the absolute truth of The One And Only Lord and embrace all other lesser truths or falsehoods.

We are all vulnerable seed until we take root in His perfect will and bloom in His loving mercy.

Faith and science connect the seen and the unseen worlds in a marvelous truth, insightful knowledge of the self and the universe in a healthy balance of the mind and spirit where God is at the center of it all. 

Allah or whatever name you call Him(The God or The Lord) gives us purpose and connectedness in a sea of doubt and alienation. A sacred duty of love and compassion midst hatred and intolerance. A balanced perspective of faith and science between believers and deniers. A spiritual healing and salvation from all evil and lost states. A submission to the One And Only and no other whether ego or mighty tyrants. 

Never said promises are always wrapped.

There is always a chance to be hungry or thirsty.

A sound mind is worth a thousand chase.

Some pretend to be an eclipse between the two realities.

Redamancy saves by losing herself in return.

There is a message in every color and every sound.

A satisfied customer gives you free advertisement. A satisfied customer tells three people while an unsatisfied customer tells seven people.

Every human being deserves to be on the " Board Of Survivors".

Self centerdness can alter many of our right perspectives doing injustice to us and others.

Poetry is for the living and reliving.

Listening intently gives meaning and reality to conversations.

Our proper attitude should be: How can we better, not how can we be perfect!

Suspend your present disbelief and, in doing so

Your imagination shall roam free, high and low

Thus exhibiting horizons thoughtfully endeavored

Of truthful possibilities and beauties discovered.

An artist can decipher the mottling of the horizon in its shimmering apparition of multi-colors delineating neither the meaning nor the perception. 

An artist uses a confluence of spirit and matter co-mingling in his or her imagination.

The soul has the indomitable "Spirit of God" while the ego clings to the false promises of Satan. 

The soul desires to be part of the bigger world. The ego keeps its desires in our small world. 

Self image is the most precious stock in your market of ideas that rises and falls according to an acceptance or rejection of your self and its God- given abilities. 

A healthy self image is tantamount to self fulfillment. A wise God's image is paramount to ego fulfillment. 

The first time...You are!

The second time...You are not!

The third time...You are time-less!!!

Symbols never die. They flourish in cognitive liberty midst the legible signatures of raw memory.

Poets are creators of content and meaning through the vessel of language in the framework of thoughts and emotions.

To gain peace and happiness, keep your heart open, your mind open, your hands open to others and your mouth open to prayer and gratitude to God.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, for you don't know accurately their true intentions.

In many cases, we find out that no one is pointing a gun at our head. 

Whatever you treat your life "as" so shall it become.

I function the best in a relaxed state.

Ask not yourself the question"What is next" but rather "what is now".

Creativity needs no credentials.

The lesser credentials you have, the freer you are in creativity and innovation.

Confinement hampers creativity.

To end wars, which is impossible, you have to eliminate three things: Politics(Self governing or mass governing), religion( in all its forms) and matters of the heart( range of our wants and needs to have for ourselves, family, tribe, country, group etc...). All these can have inherent good and evil depending on the intent and application. We can advocate or pray for that which is worthy(peace) and needed to control(injustice) or have(prosperity, equality for all...) but unrealistic for us to do on this Earth at least. Not advocating wars or any ideology but I'm just being realistically enough to believe that there can be no such thing as total anarchy at all.  

Emotions are languages and messages that need to be read carefully, decoded correctly and acted upon wisely.

Four things we can and must control: Thoughts, speech, actions and emotions. That will make a world of difference in our lives.

In regards to leadership, always command and not demand.

There are always new times, ways for learning and new places, spaces for improvement.

To master sales, you have to master the art of presentation and persuasion.

When selling, sell values and potentials, not just tools and things.

Shared remembrances are past bonds, hearts -made. They give meanings to the ebb and flow between the past, present and beyond. Those flash-flashes bring to mind the worthiness of time and experiences. Nothing will be reflecting in a vacuum when two hearts are bonding in reality.

Love of money and profit make people and companies sacrifice true values and authenticity.

Poetry is back to the self, forward to nature.

Death is merging onto the highway of eternity.

Love is the oneness of fire and light, passion and knowledge.

Make an eye contact with the Truth.

Do not mistake the ego with healthy confidence.

A large ego does not accept criticism. 

Ego is the enemy to serene reality and the father of sinful pride.

Ego is the imaginary audience that clasps incessantly in our mind with standing ovations.

Being hard on yourself, does not make you a better person. It makes you a bitter, hardened person. Being a friend to yourself, softens your heart toward yourself and others to show acceptance, love and compassion.

Just because it has been said or done before, does not mean we should stop or cease to create new things or improve ideas, for that is admirable and worthy. The idea is that every generation or individual contributes to be better than the generation before. All the greats have built upon the work of others. Your view is always negative of human progress or achievements, even few additions.Look at every civilization in history and, for that reason, in any field. We should not stop but keep moving forward even in small increments.( An answer I gave a friend who said that all has been said and done before)

(The passion that never wanes

The losses we incur, the gains

The bane of life in all existence

Love is my burden, my insistence.)

Only through practicing self-love and worth that you will have a great sense of belonging without negativity or alienation from others. 

Do not just have an attitude of gratitude. Have it as a practice leading to joy.

Practice gratitude, reap joy.

The opposite of happiness is sadness. The opposite to joy is fear.

Thank God for having enough and more than enough will be added to you.

Every moment is an opportunity.

You can't abuse a willing mind.

Authenticity is always positive. It is the reconciliation of our imperfections to genuine acceptance of our true capacities or realities. 

Authenticity must be the pairing of good intents with genuine purposes for our benefit and others, knowing our true imperfections within the self.

Authenticity is honest discourses within and genuine deeds without.

Hope sustains us on life support along with faith and logic, to keep us grounded or healed. As long as the heart beats, there is another moment in time for love to be embraced and to embrace us. A true significant other will just be there when we find that we are worthy of love and its many facets. You are worthy by any reason of irrationality and valuable in any season of shifting. The shift change must start within.

We learn by the senses, but we understand by the heart the meaning of it all. We are in the cosmic fabric the epitome of purpose, even with the indifference of the laws that govern.

At the points of resolution, intolerable problems become easy. 

Freedom allows for breathing room. Responsibility allows for protection. 

You possess your will to do what is right or wrong. God possesses your spirit to be like Him.

All things we do must have intentions even if they are very subtle or very unnoticed.  

When you say you are a slave to circumstance, you are giving up all hope, your power and the solid trust that God will make a way with you.

There is a difference between a slave and a worshiper.That word has been translated wrong(from the Koran) in Arabic. Worship involves voluntary surrender, adoration, peace of mind, abiding in love relationship, inner and outer rewards. In other words, all positive... (Slave) or slavery is all negative and never liberating. When you connect with the Source, you will have a lifeline of inner peace, a strong rope of connection and so forth. Our spirit needs to connect with The Great Spirit. But, we are free to connect or not. Those who connect, win at all levels. Those who don't, will have many failures. ( A discourse I had with a friend) 

Life is essence and meaning. A system of chaos and order seeking equilibrium. Treasures to cherish and hardships to conquer and grow. 

With Satan, there are many uncertainties. With God, there is but one certainty.  

Surrender restores trust, regains lost freedom, heals from anxiety, rids of fear, eliminates negativity, unlocks the mystery, elevates magic, values life and death by giving over to a great cause or Higher Power.  

I was late to the party, but the party is not over. I still live it in my childhood dreams when light dances through my windowsill. 

What the world looks for is seen. What I seek is not seen, but weighed upon love storms in sodality of dissolved hearts. 

Hunt your imaginations, , mine your thoughts, find the emotions that belong.

The vestiges of the past live in the minds and hearts of some who dwell on them, but those who let go value freedom from the shackles.

It is not how you throw the punch only, it is how you receive it.

Optimism without empathy is a passive force. To be active you have to put the welfare of others at the forefront and solve problems that will benefit humanity in creative and dignified manners.

Once you understand the system and the game, all else will make sense.

Freedom is a birthright. Enjoying it is a choice.

Turn any disadvantage to an advantage. Learning never ceases

Climb mount Everest but stay humble at the summit.

Be the exams and examples to others and people will find inspiration to their aspirations

And so it shall be that love and I become one with the joy of endearment and the pain of endurance.

And so it shall be that the road and I become one with the wind.

The domain of truth lies at the heart of all matters.

Hearts are made to share, hands to give and tongues to praise.

Love is the renewable energy of spirit of all ages and all the ages.

Have you not realized by now that love is the song of pain and joy.

Which oceans I have to traverse to find the love of the deep and the song of all sailors.

They asked me:" Are you a poet?"

"Nope." I replied.

"I'm a people 'at loss of words,'

inwards of homesick and outwards of congested exiles"

"I'm the struggles where they all begin and where all refuges are  dismantled."

" I'm the testimonials of life and beyond."

By yokes of slavery, negativity weighs us down but with the wings of freedom, positivism soars.

Faith is taking every step, every moment with total trust in God and gratitude to Him. 

It is not a full defeat until we give up or surrender. 

Wealth is a state of an erudite mind, a wise soul and a healthy body.

Rich is not just what you possess, but rather how you behave richly and make a difference.

Let prayers be the first option, not the last resort.

Be all thankful and become all bountiful.

Suppression is not an alternative to expression where courage is the valuable asset.

To gain respect is longer lasting than peoples' attention.

Love is the binder that is written in a one love book for two people. If the binder is unraveled by one or the other it will lose its coherence.

Purity connects us to our original state, submission connects us to God's Will. 

Waiting is stronger than the passing rays and ways of time. Patience is holding on to real promises and results. Those fading memories are snapshots of our paintings we drew in ourselves.

Beauty never dies that ignites affection, but in scarcity are the plaudits when yielding abates.

It is not the shape of God that shapes me, it is His truth.

Every sun is bright, but not every human.

Love is the awareness of the emotions and the acknowledgement of the heart. When you love you will know all the ranges of those feelings more aptly and sharply.

Legacy is more important than self-preservation.

Things that shatter us matter to us.

Inquisitiveness holds tremendous grace in the imparts of the mind.

Hope is the redemption when freedom is the intention. 

Those who appreciate others, appreciate themselves first.

The first man landed on the man, lovers landed on moonbeams.

Be one with God and yourself.

We are all seeking answers, victories of sorts, graves to be dug, puzzles to solve. Experiences put our lives contentment to test and build the grooming resilience to many.

In our losses and failures, some find courage and understanding and some give up and fade away. Acknowledgment of the loss is a must but limiting, burying and overcoming the loss is wiser. The fire will extinguish with rain or other means. 

Restoration of self and vision are part and parcel of our awakening journey. We have to picture the destination at hand and follow the right path. Visualization is a great ingredient along with accepting our limitations then to exceed them is a wonderful achievement.

There is a big difference between spending time and wasting time.

In life as in a musical concerto, a pause is not a lack of something but a part of the whole composition.

All days start generally neutral. We chose the positive or negative outcomes. 

Consider the two laws that govern our actions: The law of increasing intent and the law of diminishing intent. One leads to action. The other to procrastination. 

Humans have the God-given ability( talents, gifts) to control their actions and reactions to a large extent. How we do it differ from one to another. 

You can either operate by purpose( intent and will;material or spiritual) or give faith a chance.

Creativity is priceless like friendship.

You are not destined to relinquish, you are destined to conquer.

Loneliness echoes through and within walls of realizations when it is too stubborn to resist and too powerful to admit. That voiceless silence is really consuming.

The mind never forgets what things the heart never regrets.

I feel the whips of the wind as I review the wind and the whips of love as I fade and wither.

The shadows of hate cover the path of unjust blame.

We are the process of becoming for nothing is fixed.

"The Now"is the window of the past but the door to the future.

Awakening requires inner aching with fear dissipating and hope in the making.


"those tears are the waterfalls before the fall."


 Your memories are the sand of the past but the stepping stones to your future.


We dream because we can, we live because we have to, we love because we chose to, we progress because we need to, we blame for we aught to(ourselves or the unjust ones), we rise and fall for we intend to, we think for we exist to, we pen for we feel to, we learn and be ignorant for we aim to, we believe and doubt when we question to, we gain and lose pleasure when we desire to, we hide and run when we we are fearful to, we pain and suffer when we sacrifice to, we hold responsibilities for we are stewarded to.


Seeing is believing, feeling is releasing.

We hide our shadows in the shadows of life forsaken by company to shelter our wounds and scarred emotions.


It is better to enjoy the fruits of your hands than the fruits of others.

When one relationship hurts we look for healing in the next. Hope is the prescription and love is the medicine.


Love is the nub in the spectrum of life.


All fires can be contained except that of love, for every time you do it burns deeper in your being with amber screaming in pain.

Experiences are stepping stones to perfection and restoration.

Death is the pathway to the divine.

And as lovers search for love's meanings in the branches of trees, love has taken roots in the cores of our souls. 


Always look for true intentions and ulterior motives with people's words and actions.

Pain teaches us to be more compassionate and loving.


Love brands the souls and stamps the hearts.

We are like a kite held by strings of dim hopes dancing in the winds of tumultuous emotions can't decide which direction(s) to go.

Poetry is the tree of life to us and others.


Bereft... pen on till the next storms of life.

Life is the farmland of the hereafter so plant the good seed and weather the seasons. 

Mirrors are good if they lead us to self-realizations and not


Love is an insurance and an assurance.


Freedom is not above any law, love is. Freedom is not free

for it comes with responsibility. Not fighting for freedom

makes us vulnerable.


 Visions are cracks in the conventional walls.


Those who value the present, value life to its fullest.


Love is transformation in all our being and realization in all our lamentations


The mind denies what the spirit knows.


The Truth is within us, not outside in the edifices of



Money is a good servant but a bad master.


Weepings are the raindrops of heavy-laden or clouded souls.


Bad habits override good common sense.


Portals open and close , guide and get us lost...


Charity is rooted in love , sustained by kindness.


Infatuation with expectation is a recipe for devastation and

 regrets . We can't even control ourselves let alone others.


Death is the last dance before the marriage of eternity.


God is original, has no copies, no equal, no partner, no heir.One and Only. Neither an Alpha nor an Omega for He has no beginning and no end. Not a male or a female or a thing. A Spirit Being and A light ( without source). He creates anything by the word: Be and it is.

(My few beliefs on God) Please don't hate me for that.


In my imbroglio, I fathomed not the power of your love and

 upon the shelves of my heart, I kept your portfolio.


Remove the clutter out of your life, the gutter out of your

 mind, the stutter from your tongue, the sputter from your

 legs, making truth your ambrosia and integrity your bread

 and butter.

Some preachers see not God's signs but money signs.


The outer beauty is a mirage , the inner one is the Taj.


Losing the identity is like losing an old friend or foe.


Dreaming begins from the womb of life and the birth of the

imagination and along the journey of the ups and downs we touch

the Divine in the sparkle of love and we know that death will never

conquer the essence of it all.




Safety is precautionary when fear is out of the ordinary, but

being a protection mechanism, comforting to our psyche when we

lose the venturing spirit in life's dictionary.



Writing is a venue for self expression and a path of life shared,

 longed or lost.


God is the only risk that the odds are stacked for us.


Smile and learn even in the after burn.


I live in nature as nature lives in me.


The way of salvation is in the cleansing of our hearts and

 walking the path of righteousness.


Abstinence is the only fool-proof way of non addiction.


"Walk a mile in my shoes , it will show you some clues,

tread the path of my reality , it will show you an insanity."



True peace comes with love and justice to ourselves and



Things you value more than God, you are liable to lose it and

God. ( By you forsaking God )


Faith is touching the rainbow on wet ground and waiting for

the sunlight to peek from among the clouds.


Ignorance(not knowing or willing to know) never creates

 anything,builds anything , solves anything , heals anything

 , corrects anything ,enlightens anything.


Acceptance of the self is the stepping stone to the forgiveness

of the self.


As the contents accept the book cover , so shall the book cover accept

 the contents...Self appreciation is a key and self evaluation is a must.


Time is short on seasons but long on reasons.


Love is innocent until proven guilty.


Flaws begin with wrongful judging while perfections start with true loving.


Justice seeks a solution, forgiveness seeks a resolution.

 Experience speaks louder than knowledge.

Absence increases the will to live as love elevates the compassion to give.

Smiles can go miles.

The need to rest is just as important as the will to survive.

Mountains are steep but friendships are a leap.


Self realization is so powerful, it frees the bonded heart

 and mind.


Apples of the eyes are the light of tomorrow but

 a heartache in their dark seasons..


 The pen echoes what the heart dictates.


The mountain is high but it is conquered by small steps.


Love has a beginning and an end in a circle.


A muse is the light of thoughts in the darkness of our shattered selves when we pen in unity and smile at life's troubles ,and when we wake up from our nightmares, we find that hope that can guide us on trodden paths that were lost and found in the recesses' of our unique minds, and colored desires that we draw from the well of possibilities and share the water with other thirsty souls.


We are deemed to life eternal, doomed to death external.


Forgiveness is fire in the beginning and bliss in the end.


Keep God in your prayers, worry not about the naysayers.


If I'm your rock, then you are my soft pillow.


Nations die when their ideals die.


Wisdom at its basic form is the ability to distinguish the

 difference between right and wrong and the reasons behind



The will to survive is beyond all powers that be and the will

 to live is beyond all the obstacles we see.


Home is where the heart is and love is where the heart lives



Love is the bridge to the endless.


If you want to enjoy life, awaken from your slumber.


Seek the heart, you will find love. Seek the mind, you will

 find knowledge. Seek God, you will find wisdom.


Knowing the source of wisdom and love is the head of wisdom .


Sharing the love of the source is sharing the power of His wisdom. 


Love is the highest reality of existence; all others are either a by-product or a deviation from it.


Grant not victory to them who had done you wrong, but in your

 forgiveness you grant yourself a great victory.


You have one of two choices : You can either be bitter or better.


Laughter is a good medicine and a woman's friend.


Never a "Perfect "God can  be "Imperfect" for that violates His essence.


If you always look forward at the sun, you won't see your shadow.


In every family you will find the three: Shepherd , sheep and  goats.


If the mountains look fiery from a distance, you have a fear of

 climbing heights.


If the road is taking you away from the heart, make a U-turn.


You can’t make others believe, you can guide them to the well within



Take ownership of the roads of life, even if they are imperfect.


If you like fiction, enjoy the journey to the imagination.


What controls your mind will control your body, too.


I don’t like to go back in time, for the conclusion is always different.


When you speak from the soul, know that the book you are quoting

 is heavenly.


Why survive for a day, when eternity is hanging in the balance?


What is wrong with questions unanswered if they do not affect our destiny?


How can life be worth living if hope has abandoned us all?


It is hard to close the doors and windows of the mind behind a mystery.


Accept constructive criticisms for they could be the cadence for your



Fear can be noble if we can trap it under reason.


I like the last lines of a story, for they leave the door open for



If you look for love in the wrong places, you will find elusiveness



Who cares about people’s opinions, when their sanity is just an



You have to understand that people’s intentions can be poisonous



When you feel pain  write honestly, betraying not the words. 


Dreams are promises of the night, love is a promise of pure light. 

© 2018 Sami Khalil

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WOW! This kinda looks like the notebook I keep by my bed, to jot things that pop into my sleepless head in the dark of night! Now I have to peruse YOUR list and MINE too, when looking for an idea! We have this in common – always jotting down things that might turn into a good story or poem . . . or maybe a meaningful saying to label some artwork to post on Facebook. I honestly never go back & look at half of these things. But I do get some good ideas when I’m blank. Thanks for sharing, as I always enjoy the nuggets of wisdom you include with your writings (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Month Ago

Sami Khalil

1 Month Ago

Wow! So true and well said Barleygirl. That is what I do when I get an inspiration or think a little.. read more
Reminds me of Kahlil Gibran's works. Except, rather more like an itemized list. I mean no disrespect The wit and wisdom are impeccable. If organized and presented as 'a teacher mentoring an extraordinary student' who injects requests for clarification at the turning points of realization, during the process of growing up, and comes of age nearing the climax of the book, this would be a guided tour for the betterment of humanity. I see this type of greatness in you Sami.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Sami Khalil

8 Months Ago

Wow. What a beautiful and marvelous thing you shared with us. Your soul is soaring above and beyond .. read more

8 Months Ago

The boundlessness of Grace unites the uniqueness of those with ears.
Sami Khalil

8 Months Ago

All true and wonderful.
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Still excellent on a third read

Posted 1 Year Ago

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A staggering array of wisdom and profound insight; has the makings of hundreds of stunning poems.
You are incredibly generous, Mr, K.
What a genuine privilege it has been to experience the utter joy of "Inspiration Time!"
Thank you, Master Poet!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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I am impressed. A lot of these I can take on board now. But this will take more time than I have at the moment. I will make time and come back. Admittedly periodically but that is how these aphorisms are designed to be read, are they not?
To argue the toss or even just agree will take effort but it is a willing effort.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Here are a LOTS of things to learn..
specially love the line:
1." Emotions are languages and messages that need to be read carefully, decoded correctly and acted upon wisely."
2."Do not mistake the ego with healthy confidence."
3."When you feel pain write honestly, betraying not the words."
4."Seeing is believing, feeling is releasing."
And many one.....So I just add it to my Fav is the one of your writing that I love the most or the best still now in wc

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Wow! Sami such a library of thoughts. This is epic! more impact would be, to break this down into chapters like KL Goode suggested. Awesome work but a tad too long for most I think.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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andrew mitchell

8 Months Ago

even now i have only digested some of your profound words Sami, just epic, such grandeur from your m.. read more
Sami Khalil

8 Months Ago

Thank you so much dear poet and friend.
Sami, I previously commented, but you have added substantially since then. There are so many good bits here, they get lost in the shuffle. It will be work, but well worth it to compartmentalize this piece into individual chapters, in my opinion.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Nice stack of verses. Some of them are my favourite, such as-
"Fear can be noble if we trap it under reason."
"I don't like to go back in time, as the conclusion will always be different."
These phrases intrigue and leave the reader with something.
They might become a lot to take sometimes, but this reflect sincerity from a poet's side, like 'Here is the wisdom collected; Choose which of them you wish to accept'
Love the effort. Thanks

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Wow...quite a listing of thoughts and wisdoms. Is this a ongoing writing? My favorite is in the beginning..

"The vestiges of the past live in the minds and hearts of some who dwell on them, but those who let go value freedom from the shackles"

Posted 2 Years Ago

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