in a heartbeat

in a heartbeat

A Poem by Cara

they think they can take you away
let me prove that they are wrong
they think i won't take that risk
i will take it in a heartbeat
i'll risk everything for you
my life and my soul
for both of you 

let me just tell them
how stupid their decision will be
if they took you away from me
let me just show them 
how stupid they are
to even think that
i'm no good for you

i love you
i didn't meet her yet
but god i really love her too
i promised that i will protect you 
and i'll keep my promise
for the end of eternity
i will keep my promise

and you'll grow up
remembering her
and how much she loved you
and you'll be a great man
and take care of your sister
and shell be a great girl
very beautiful and strong

and i'll be by your side
every step of the way
to protect you, guide you
or just share a happy moment 
we may cry but we will stay strong

and he'll be there
he loved her so much
and he never saw another
hell be there with you
before me, before everyone else
he'll be there to protect you
and he'll love you
god he really truly loves you
and he can't imagine his life without you
and hell be strong for you

let me tell you
why they can't take you away from us
we are your family
and it hurts just as much
losing her
and we swore that you'll live happy
remembering her
and i really wish this will never happen
and her to always be alive
right next you
and i wish that you
will never know how much it hurts
to lose a mother


© 2017 Cara

Author's Note

i had a bad dream

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I agree. To lose a person we beloved. Very scary. Even in dreams we can know fear and sadness. The poem made the reader feel the thoughts and the hurt. Thank you Cara for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

thank you for reading
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are welcome Cara.

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