A Poem by stars are far

Take Me Or Kill Me.


I miss you and that is all what I can let out.

For, the world is so cruel... 


I know that I lost all what my pride way made of

Everything seem to be nothing infornt of you .


I lost it all.. That's true.


I don't feel alive... I don't have any faith in anything !

I need you to know that I'm just alive because you are .


I want you. I want you with all what I have

I want you with all what you don't have.


I have nothing left to lose, but my soul

Which was originally you .


I can't see my black eyes anymore, because of floods.

I can't hear my heart's beats because of it's breaks.

I can't smell spring roses because your perfume is what I smell.

I can't feel anything, because I want to feel you.



One more time.

Give me  one last chance.

And I won't commit any crime.

Listen to my words before you make fun of that

I will bow for you and take off my hat.


Please... Tell him that he is everything I want

Ask him to be mine... just for lifetime.

Tell him that I miss him and I have no life

Beg him to come back to me, or else I'd die.

© 2015 stars are far

Author's Note

stars are far
Take it out in a poem...
tell him ..........................................................

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this is a terrible darkness .. such a destructive love ... overwhelming loss and grief .. if it were someone i knew .. or one of my children .. i would say i understand .. tell me again how horrible this pain is .. keep telling me until i say please stop .. then find another to talk with .. use up more pages to write it down .. dont stop until the calming begins .. acceptance claims you and you begin to move on .. one tiny step at a time .. thats what i would tell someone :}

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

actually Ive talked about it alot, and it still hurts the exact same, and each time i talk about it .. read more
Einstein Noodle

3 Years Ago

don't ever give up on your healing ;)
This has a nice lyrical feel, in the sense it would make a good song.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I hope all this dejection and pain is fictional. The layout is really nice but there are paths much better than surrender Suhad. Try them too before going for complete surrender.
An intriguing write :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

I don't feel alive... I don't have any faith in anything !
I need you to know that I'm just alive because you are.

It has the two minds. I thought faith and love both in it. Somehow it has some religious view too. Great write dear.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Surrender - perhaps compromise is a better alternative.
Thats besides the point - I liked the layout of this. There is surrender but there is also a sense of rebellion and strength. Almost as if its a ploy. As moonskittles said, a duality going on.
Though provoking Suhad
Thanks for sharing -

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

yes that is right, i feel like punshing him in the face and at the same moment hug him and at the sa.. read more

3 Years Ago

Well its as well you two arent octopi - you would be able to all that - and MORE ! lol
Your w.. read more
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a sincere description of a dual thought residing inside. to be with him, yet pushing him away. what will it be in the end?

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

i guess because there is no endi surrender ....
thank you :)

3 Years Ago

But there is Suhad - look it just there after the double 'rr' in surrender.
utter dejection and sadness are the over riding features of this work, I hope if its about you Suhad you can overcome the pain and move on with your life :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

your heart cry`s out you pour out your soul in this sad write
it will get better soon,you will find a new love

Posted 3 Years Ago

stars are far

3 Years Ago

Thank you..and you know at some point i dont want anyone ..
And at the same tims i need him .. read more

3 Years Ago

yeah,i know the feeling

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stars are far
stars are far

Tyre, Lebanon

you get to meet the real me within my writings. more..


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