The mixtape

The mixtape

A Story by theshygirl

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while but now I have some time i will post more , i have written a lot and want tp share it all, so this is my latest write, it is a small "story" about a friend

The Mixtape.

I try to pull off the 'I dont really care about anything' look. But I do.
I care about how my friends are feeling.
And when they feel down I try to cheer them up.
I will literally do everything to cheer them up.

I am known as that girl who wears her headphones. All the time. And by that is a mean literally all the time.
I wear them when I bike to school.
I wear them in class if possible.
I actually never take them off, only right before bed.
Sometimes I dont play music at all.
But almost every minute.
I play music.

Yes, I seriosuly can't go without music.
Its the anwser to everything.

At least for me.

So when one of my friends was down.
I made him a mixtape.
Not an actual tape but I made a cd with multiple songs that I think he would've loved

I called it:

"Songs that will make it better"

"I promise"

I dont know but everytime I am sad I like to embrace the pain and dig for the pain.
Music helps with that.
Some songs are so gentle and so sensitive.
That I needed you to listen to them.
They will make you cry, and probably feel worse.

Remember that I said that I want to cheer them up?
You might think, why would you try to make them feel more sad on purpose?

I just hope they will find comfort with the pain.
And that they will find out that eventually these songs will make it better.

Because after searching for the deepest pain. And accepting it.
Joy will come.
More than ever.

And that's my promise. A promise that I will keep.


Eventhough I took some distance from you.
Because you fell for one of my friends.
I still knew your adress by heart. I am not as good with names as I am with adresses, but i just knew.
Where to go.

Along the fields. I started to imagine the possible scenario's that could happen when I dropped off my mixtape.

You could open the door before I even slide it trough your mailbox.

I really didnot want to take that distance.
We had that chemistry.
And I dont even need science to prove it.
It is just there.
Maybe that's why we are so afraid to do something.
Because we know that the reaction that will happen after we merge, Will be toxic.
For you, for me and for her.

© 2017 theshygirl

Author's Note

Also! I am looking for someone to help me with my book and just help me with my poems and writings in general, this could go over email or maybe you can get my number. If you are interested send me a message 🌹

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well this is a great write,and it shows your true feelings

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on April 18, 2017
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just a girl who likes to express her self and her ideas about the world in poetry ;) more..

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