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About Me

Hi, Im Ameerah as you all already know. Im currently a tenth grader at Lake Howell High School in Orlando, Florida. Im starting the weekend and I can't wait to get back to school. I dont know if you guys think thats weird because not many people like school, but I do. It gets me away from home. At school, Im free. I dont have to worry about anything much. Im an A-B student. Im two different people. At home, Im quiet and have many rules to follow. At school, Im a very, very, VERY outgoing person. My oldest sister is married and she's in Connecticut with her family. She has two daughters who are 2 years old and 7 months old. I love her and miss her a lot. And I miss my awesome brother-in-law. My second sister used to go to that high school, but she graduated the summer of 08. She was quiet, really quiet and all her friends are surprised that Im nothing like her. Shes 18, and Im 14. Some people say we look like twins, but trust me, me and my sis do not look alike. Anyway, she was quiet and Im a loud person. However, the thing we have in common is we make friends easily, especially with boys. We have more guy friends than girls. Were stuck at home under rules our dad enforced, and they are so hard to follow, but we follow them anyway. Some of those rules are were not allowed to have phone calls from boys or girls. We cant leave the house, were not allowed to go anywhere except with our parents. Were not allowed to go on the computer, except for homework, but our dad is really gullible. Me and my sis have a Facebook and were supposed to delete it, but we didnt. And if we get an email, our dad wants to see it. So I just check my email and Facebook when hes not around. Im not allowed to have a MySpace, but I do anywayno one knows except my friends and my favorite cousin. They dont tell. So thats just some rulesthere are more, but too long.
My dad enforced these rules because hes really very religious. See, were Muslims. And I dont want to be. So he said if we cant follow these rules to move outso I told my sis when I turn 18, Im moving out. And I cant wait. If you dont know what Muslims are, you can always Google it.
Okay, now about me. Really about me. I have really long blackish-brownish hair. My hair is wavy and curls on its own. It reaches the middle of my thighslong I know! I love it, though. I have dark, dark brown eyes. It has, like, a really dark red mixed with it. Im a rule-breaker. I hate rulesso you know now that I dont follow my dads rules. Im supposed to wear my headwear that Muslims usually wear, but I dont. I take it off before I get to school or when I get to school. My friends have my back so they wont tell. As you already know, Im really outgoing. I love to read and write, of course. I also love challenges. I love to listen to music. Ive been told Im crazy for listening to music and reading at the same time, or doing homework and listening to music at the same time. I really dont care. Many people are entitled to their opinions, but I dont care about them. For me, my opinion is the only opinion that counts. Not my friends, enemies, and definitely not my familys.
Lets talk about sports. I love volleyball. Im a pro at volleyball. Its my favorite sport and I play it a lot in gym. But I cant join any volleyball teamanother rule. I know I said Im a rule-breaker, but some rules cant be bent or broken. All I get to do is go to school, come home, and dont do anything fun. I know it sucks! I cant wait until my 18th birthday! Ill finally be free! I also know I have no life. Let me know if you want to know more. Bye!