Without words there is no life.

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About Me

Update: I'm now a published author and my book: "The Poetry of Kings: Wives & Consorts is available on Amazon

I am an insomniac who functions better at night which kind of makes me nocturnal- I think? Aside from the obvious downside of waking up late though, I get most of my best ideas at night therefore I also get most of my writing done around this time as well.

Initially I would've started out writing horror stories but these seemed too easy to write and for a while now I've had this story on my mind that has been haunting me to get it out, and so, that's how I found this site. Through it I hope to finally share what've carried around inside my head for the last nine years. I also hope it will help me to stay motivated, as the writer's two worse enemies are procrastination and boredom. I'm sure everyone has fallen to these two on more than one occasion.

The good thing is, this site allows you to gain motivation from aspiring authors like yourself- to help brighten the monotony of writing. Also my policy on writing is "write whatever comes to mind," and if you're feeling shy or not confident in your writing, remember these three things:

1) It's been done before, it's been done better but luckily they don't remember it.

2) In terms of entertainment whether literature or otherwise, people are like a starving man out in the desert-they'll eat anything, so no need to worry if whatever you're working on is thrash. Publish it anyway, it's bound to get liked and if it's good well, even better! So no pressure.

3) There's no such thing as a terrible author since the very definition of the word requires you to be the one who created(wrote something), and that's it. Just ask Stephen King. Even Twilight has purpose as a great motivational tool to help encourage you to write, finish and publish your work. (If Stephenie Meyer can do it then why can't you?)