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About Me

I have really dark brown eyes, light brown skin, and really dark hair. My hair has different colored strands in it. Some are bright red; others are blonde or pure white. I�m really chunky. I�m kind of tall.
I can draw really well, and I can write, I can also ramble. Rambling is the best thing I can do. I can lie really well. I can read really, really fast. I�m kinda pessimistic. I can never se the bright side of anything. I�m paranoid a lot of the time. I�m really into dark stuff, yet I really like some puffy pretty things too. I love drama, when I�m not in it, and it doesn�t affect anyone I know or like.
I love to read. I really love to draw. I can also love annoying people. I really, really love annoying people. I love to draw did I mention that. I love to listen to all kinds of music. I really love to draw� I mean I can�t get enough of it. All I do in my spare time is either write or draw. I love to write, about anything, but mainly I love drama, whether its love or friends. My first story that I wrote, I filled up a 70 page notebook. It was all about this guy who was like a dragon, and this girl who was a demon. There was a diamond blade, some things that never made sense and never will. The longest one I�ve written is 150 pages, and I never finished it, can�t quite get the ending.
I would love to go to college for graphics design, or architecture, or writing. I�d love to have at least one of my books published. I plan to own the Sailor Moon seasons, Charmed seasons, Gilmore girl seasons, the Supernatural series, and Gray�s anatomy. I plan to get over my fear of heights. I plan to get over my past. I plan to become more proactive with my life. I plan to get a Seal Point Siamese and call her Brown Ball. Other things I would love to do in life is get something published, and have an authors signing. It would make me all giddy inside just to have people come up and have me sign their copy of my latest novel, or collection of short stories. I would love to be in charge of my own anime series. I also would love to have my own movie. I would love to lead a stress free life, but I think that�s impossible, what with my brothers. I would love to go to Japan, Iceland, and maybe even Africa. I don�t know why I�d like to go to Africa, but I think it would be really fun experience. I don�t want to die at like age 100 not being able to piss, s**t, breathe, think, or act on my own. I�d rather die at like 60, maybe 63.
Most of the time I think I�m insane. I really do. Some of the things that go through my mind are really scary. Some of the things that I think about would probably have me in the loony bin in no time. I really nag on people who steal stuff from me. I really do. One kid never gave back my game and I found him like three years after we moved, I asked him if he had it. He didn�t. So I made him give me something of his. That�s how I got my first Final Fantasy game. It was awesome. I was blown away by the graphics; I learned a lot of my vocabulary from that one game. I get most of my vocabulary from games. Most teachers refuse to accept it, but it�s true. I have really weird dreams, about all sorts of things. Like one time I had a dream of my cousin�s head in a toilet.
What really freaked me out was the fact that that she died from a brain injury not that long after words. Some times m dreams do come true. There never important, just glimpses. I�m passing them off as d�j� vu, less I end up in the loony bin. It really freaks me out when it happens though. Some time when I have a vivid nightmare, I go around super careful not to have it happen to me. Its really weird, but so are my dreams. Other times, my dreams are just plain weird, and sad. My saddest one was when a nuclear power plant exploded near ST. Paul, and all my family members died, I was really freaked about that.
I spend most of my time looking for writing contests online. It�s really fun to enter, but its real big let down when I�m not even mentioned. I was really hoping to win one where I would get my story published in this magazine, but they said it was good, but not as good as the others.


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Hi, Everyone:

I wish you a happy holidays and best wishes. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to look at my page, any reviews or comments. I am taking a semi-break and will be back in full force in January 2007.

Happy Holidays,
Scott Grant Eckert