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About Me


What, why are you shouting?
I'm not shouting. You are.
No, no, yes you are.

I'm Azariek! (If you didn't get that by now, DERP!)
I'm 13.
I live in some town in Florida, (guess correctly and I give you a stalker patch, LOL! And a cookie, C:) I'm a poet.
I'm an author.
I'm a DERP. (LOVE that word!)

Yeah, what else? Hm...

~I accept constructive criticism, just don't be a donkey about it.

I sometimes write dark stuff, but other times I write medium stuff, and sometimes I just write stuff like BAM! OUT THERE! So, yeah. You never know what I'll write about next :D.

“Blind faith is idiocy wrapped up in a blanket... So I suppose I'm a comfortable idiot.” ~ME!

“I went outside and made a new friend. Only this friend had feathers and a beak.”~ME!

“Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you.” ~Jack Handy

“Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out.”~Jack Handy

"Cat? I'm a kitty cat! And I dance, dance, dance, 'til I dance, dance, dance. Cat? I'm a kitty cat! And I meow, meow, meow, 'til I meow, meow, meow!" ~I'm a Kitty Cat song by Mr. Cat

"I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber!" ~Cucumber Song by some guy on YouTube

Squee! (Oh yeah, did I mention I'm obsessed with wolves? YAY FOR MY DERPISHNESS!)

A word of advice:
If someone walking down the street turns and gives you a funny look because of that pencil stuck in your ear, take the pencil out when they're back is turned, throw it at them, then turn tail and run screaming bloody murder. It's quite funny! xD. Unless of course, the person was a cop then...
No, I'm just kidding. I'm not THAT bonkers. But still, it WOULD be funny...

And also:
If you get something good on Halloween, go home, change into a different costume, then go back and get it again. :3

On a completely different note:
-Empty City Lights,

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Yup. :D

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Allow me to be one of the first to welcome you aboard on the journey of Writers Cafe'. This is a wonderful place to obtain opinions and grow in your writing - as long as you stay clear of the drama that dwells inside electronic lives.

I noticed you have a limited friends list, if I may offer you a bit of advice... In order to get profitable opinions and diverse feedback you may need to add alot of friends to your list.

The system of this place (most people do not even realize) is so: Your new writing is placed on the new writing list and gets pushed down the list with every new write published here. Soon, your writing is so far down the list, it becomes unnoticed and people do not click very often on those.

If, however, you have many "friends" you will have people coming to check your new works out and notice your writing... perhaps click on them and read - if it tickles their fancy, they will review. So, the way to add friends is to go about reading peoples work, reviewing them and then adding them to friends if they are interesting to you.

As with any social circle (human circles NOT omitted), there tends to be rumors, affairs, rumors about affairs, stalking, intimidation, distasteful criticism and many other things that is inappropriate.

So long as you can stick to the projected goal of becoming a writer not a victim of amateur predators you will get the best out of the site.

Enjoy your time here, and feel free to message me anytime.

Great to make your acquaintance,


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Posted 8 Years Ago

Aw. Ducks just freak me out because I was chased by one on vacation. Pink is...okay, I just don't like being BLINDED by it. And Politics bore the heck out of me. xD

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Posted 8 Years Ago

I don't know if this friendship will last...