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I Live For The Sea - East Coast, RI
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About Me

Captain Stargazer reporting for duty,

♬★♪♬I began Roleplayung in 2011 and in those past months I'm as wise as an owl that does crack. I pretty much know the ropes and most of the roleplay terms. I also have experance in GMing, Co-Gming- and in long running roleplays. I live on the east coast where we cast plans to take over the west coast, mountain and central means nothing to us. I also go to school and i'm in seventh grade where i have major swag in art, that has no meaning whats so ever.

♬★♪♬I'm also took a hiatus around November 2011 to pursue in writing. I wanted to become an artist and I was really good too but I kinda lost my muse and started writing out all I wanted to draw. Three months later boom bam I'm drawing (and still am) Then I thought to tell you the truth I really wanted to write than draw and with no support from my friends (they still adore by drawings) I signed up for this website


♬★♪♬On Facebook I sign on constantly checking for notifications, friend requests, and inboxs. (:< I never get inboxs) Anyway if you want to contact me you do it that way unless you have Facebook then other wise this useless isn't it. Then if you don't have Facebook because you think it's stupid (don't worry I think so too but I only do this for communication use not for spamming or over friending anyone) You can email me with:
([email protected])
([email protected])

♬★♪♬That's a lot harder because I don't check email as I do facebook :L.
Anyway I tend to post to poetry and stories and maybe a book. I'm learning to use my very creative brain and cut a piece it onto paper. I'm seriously trying (finding a brain surgeon to do this is hard espically when you have to speak in medical jargon) I'm ramble aren't I, deal with it I'm going to do for blogs. Yes I'm going to use blogs. Well spitted out all my info one thing left to do

♥░S░E░N░D░I░N░G░ ░D░E░E░P░ ░S░ E░A░ ░H░ U░ G░ S░♥