I have a good mind to join a club and hit you over the head with it.

Hi, you have reached the domain of E.L. Alverrann! Sorry, but it looks like this time, my body' split along with my mind, so leave a message after the beep, and I'll get back to you after shock therapy. Bye now!
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About Me

Okay- no- hand me the mic-!! Ah, sorry. Alverrann here! And this is my brother, Al. We are the same person, but at the same time we're not, because that's weird. Yet we are two different minds in one normal-ish head, and as a result, a lot of our opinions clash and we contradict ourselves often.

Anyway, On to me-

(technically it's us)

(I know, but let's not freak out our readers, okay?)

(Fine. But you do realize that I get a turn sometimes, right?)

(Okay, but not right now! I'm trying to introduce us!)

(Then do it!)

(Shut up!) Heh, brothers, amirite?

What? Why are there two of us? … It's so that I have a legitimate excuse to fall back on when I inevitably contradict myself.

(And she's bored.)

Shut up! (Crap, I did't mean to say that into the mic …)

(Haha. You're messing up so hard.)

Anyway ...

I suppose I ought to tell a little about myself, huh?

Kay ... I'll start with my favorites.

Hogan's Heroes

-This still holds the top for me, because through all of my other fads, it has remained solid as a rock. I just love this show, along with everyone on it. Really. I love it.

(And she started watching it in seventh grade. How sad is that? She had no life. She still doesn't have one, actually. She just sits and writes and watches Hogan's Heroes while squealing like a two year old. Then she waits for reviews like, "My precious-)

-AHEM. I don't really have any favorites here either ... maybe Hogan just a little more than everyone else ... but only a little.

(She's in love with the guy, but she's in denial cuz he's old and dead and the actor had some addictive problems- OUCH!)

Rat Patrol

-I suppose I ought to put it up here with the heroes. They're the crossover of the year waiting to happen, seriously.

(Don't you actually have half of one written?)

(Shut up, Al.)

-I really like Tully here, but have found myself unwillingly drawn to Troy's character. And who doesn't love Dietrich? 'Course, I love 'em all, don't worry. It's just that even though Troy is short and stuff ... I dunno. He's just got some really intense eyes and lines.

(You love him. Why do you always deny it?)

Tully, well, ... I like him because he's possibly the chillest member on the chillest team I can think of. Seriously, they don't freak out very often.


-Thought I might as well add the other old American TV show, which I happen to love as well. Well, ... I love all of these!

(But you love some more than others. Admit it.)

-At first I thought that Face was my favorite, because he caught my eye, ... but I don't think I have one anymore. I also really love Frankie. He might be just a replacement for Amy and Tawnia, but he is without a doubt my favorite of the extras. He's got just enough weirdness to fit in with the team, no matter what others may say. I think he fits really well.

(You just don't want to admit that Frankie is your actual favorite, cuz you're worried that it will make all of the fans hate you.)

(I hate you …)

(Ooooooh … I'm so scared.)

(You will be if you keep interrupting …)

Doctor Who

-Oh ... oh I just ... this is my ... *sigh* I love Doctor Who.

(I agree.)

(You'd better.)

-My favorite Doctor is Four, but only by a tiny little bit. I love them all … though am slightly bias against Ten. That sounds terrible, I know, but most people I've met won't even give other Doctors a chance, just because Ten is their favorite. That's sad to me. Tennant did a great job, and I love Ten, but the other Doctors are all just as good, you just have to squint a little and look past their not-young faces into the character they've created. They're genius! ... Plus, it irks me when I'm reading a fanfic about Three or Four or Five and in the middle of it, Ten comes flying in with Rose to save the day. ... I don't like that. If I'd wanted to watch Ten save the day, I woulda looked up a fanfiction about him. Thanks.

(She hates Rose. Don't let her fool you.)

(Shut up Al, you know that's not true!)

(She hates Rose! Alverrann hates Rose!!)


Star Trek

-Naturally, this had to appear. It's too good to leave out.

(And she wishes that she'd thought of it before Roddenberry did.)

-I love Scotty, because ... Scotty! But I suppose I've also been caught in the wave of the Kirk fans. I didn't mean to, I swear! I just did! I suppose it was his charisma. And his beautiful face. I also love Spock and Bones. Don't worry. They're the best foils for each other that I've seen other than BA and Murdock, and maybe even Klink and Hogan.

(Stop trying to draw away from the fact that Kirk is definitely your favorite character here. Why are you always embarrassed by your favorite?)

(I'm not!)

(Yeah, okay, not always, just most of the time.)


-Oh DC and your beautiful amazingness ... I prefer the comics/cartoons to the movies F.Y.I.

(Everyone should.)

-Batman is who I'll say is my favorite for the most part, but it's really taken by Green Lantern. Hal is just too funny. Of course, they wouldn't be anything without Barry and Clark, who I also love. Bruce is just more accepted than Hal, so he's my "secret favorite." :) I know it's weird, but if it helps, I love the whole Justice League. The original too, not the one with everyone that ever existed in it.

(And the truth comes out. What the heck is a "secret favorite"? You need serious help, cuz that shouldn't even be a thing.)

(You shouldn't even be a thing!)

(You created me, remember?)


-Specifically the Avengers and Spiderman. I prefer the cartoons here too.

(I dunno. The movies are pretty fantastic.)

-My favorites here are Banner and Lang. Hulk and Antman. I watched the Avengers Assemble cartoon, and that's where I fell in love with Scott, and of course the movie is what made me a true Hulk fan. Bruce is amazing, but I think Scott takes it a little farther. His movie was actually fantastic, too.

(How come you're only honest on the superhero ones?)

Star Wars

-Not my absolute favorite fandom ... but who doesn't love it?

(Best. Ahmed Best. Or at least, I would have a hard time with it if I were him ...)

-If I have to have a favorite here, It's quite possibly Obi Wan. Maybe Yoda. They're just awesome.

(She means that she loves Obi Wan, that's what she means.)

Professor Layton

-This man is my go to when I get tired of Sherlock being mean.

(And who doesn't like Steampunk?)

-My favorite on this is quite predictably the Professor himself. Not that everyone else is bad. Luke is really, really cute.

(She still likes Layton best.)

Sherlock Holmes

-Thought I might as well add him, ya'know, even if he's not a perfect gentlemen, he makes up for it in awesomeness.

(And sarcasm. Don't forget the sarcasm.)

-I think my favorite here is John. He's just so nice. You can't not like him! And the way Martin Freeman plays him ... so great.

(She just really loves Martin Freeman, cuz otherwise, I think Sherlock would be her favorite.)

(No one asked you, Al.)

(That's what makes answering anyway so much fun!)

Harry Potter

-I'm not obsessed with this, and I haven't ever been, it's just the best crossover fandom ever.

(She's literally put everything in there. She lies in bed and thinks about which house America or Kirk or Troy would be in … It's really sad.)

(You're really sad!)

(Sheesh. Musta touched a nerve there, huh?)

-I really like Snape. He's pretty darn sweet. Not nice sweet. Just plain awesome. ... Maybe wicked was a better word choice ... I also like Draco ... Is that bad?

(To each their own, I guess.)


-I love this. Of course I do! It's fantastic!

(Of course.)

-I love all the characters, but Pippin is my favorite. Why? ... I don't exactly know.

(I know why. It's cuz you're an ENFP. You like the people that are the closest to your type, and/or attractive. It's just one of your many flaws.)

(Shut up, Al. Literally no one cares what my type is.)

(You're right. I certainly don't care.)


-Well, this had to show up if Lord of the Rings did.

(They like, go hand in hand!)

-I like Aslan, but I think Eustace is my favorite. I can relate to him, on a level of strangeness that I can't even really comprehend ...

(No one can really comprehend your level of strangeness …)


-Link is possibly the coolest hero ever, and he's in my favorite color; green!

(You really need to lay off on the green, btw. You're room, your closet, your blankets ...)

-Epona is the unsung hero here. I really love that horse. 'Course Zelda, Ganondorf, Midna and Navi are all cool too.

(Who's she kiddin'? Link's her super huge schoolgirl crush.)

Team Fortress II

-I don't even play this game much, but the characters are just so diverse! I really love them all–except for the Administrator. She has my respect, but nothing more.

(Plus she smokes.)

(So does Spy …)

(Well, everyone needs a hobby ...)

-I suppose my favorite is Spy, and is that really such a shock? Also, strangely, Soldier has marched his way to the front. There's something about his stupidity that I just can't ... I mean- ... I dunno. I really like Soldier. That's all.

(She loves Solider. Who knows why?!)


-I never in a million years saw myself immersed in this fandom, but I am now, and it's far too late to go back.

(Yeah, for both of us, and it's your fault.)

-America is my favorite. I suppose it's because I'm bias for my own country but hey; who isn't?

(Me. Prussia is my fav, plus that's who Alverrann got on her personality test.)

(I'm nothing like Prussia. I am not that self centered.)

(And that's why you're talking to yourself …?)

Gravity Falls

-I love this show. I cried at the end like never before and it just- ... oh so many feels.

(Yeah, and the part with Waddles. Who knew pigs could be so heart-rending?)

-Grunkle Stan. I think it used to be Dipper, and I wonder when it changed ...

(When you discovered that Grunkle Stan is exactly like you.)

(Shut up, Al!)

(I'm beginning to see a pattern in our conversations …)

Back to the Future

-Wow. I was on vacation, and was completely blindsided by the greatness of this show, which I had only ever seen as a child before. Dang, I love this!

(Lots of people do. Seriously, you're just slower than most.)

-Favorite? I'm stuck between Doc and Marty, as I'm sure most fans are, so I'll just say Einstein. Also, George.

(Eh, she's a liar. She's in love with Marty McFly.)


-Well. This is like number 1000 on my list by now (not really, that's an exaggeration, I swear I can count), and I can say with a surety that I love it just as much as all these other fandoms. ... More than some of them. I- ... Officially need a life.

(Yeah ya do.)

(Al …)

-At first it was Chuck, who I of course still love, but now, ... Lester- ... No. Even I don't believe that. It's actually Casey. Very much Casey. I think his grunting made me fall in love ...

(Any one else find that phrasing a little weird?)


Scarlet Pimpernel

-I watched the 1970s movie of this before I read the book, but I love them both!

(And Anthony Andrews.)

-My favorite is Percy, hands down, but I like Armand and the rest of the League. I mainly feel bad for Chauvelin.

(Don't we all …)

Robin Hood

-I love Robin Hood. And I'm not talking about any of the movies, I'm talking about the actual story and legend. That's what I love.

(And Little John.)

Good old Robert O'Locksley is definitely my favorite.

(Cuz no one likes the stupid Sheriff.)

Looney Tunes

-I love the slapstick nature of Loony Tunes. Meh, What's up, Doc?

(You're despicable.)

-I think my favorite is Daffy. I can just kinda relate to him, ya'know?

(Are you kiddin'? He's your spirit animal!)


-Who doesn't love this show?


-I don't know who my favorite is. I genuinely love pretty much every character.

(But she loves Zuko more …)


-Well, I didn't see this one coming, but it's here to stay from now on. I'm talking about the old ones too. I don't hate the new one, but I don't think that the old ones can be replaced! They're just too good! I also love the cartoons and the comics, which can be found for free on Kisscartoon and Hellocomics, if you're interested.

(Don't get her started …)

-For Al's sake, I'll come straight out and admit it. My favorite is definitely Peter. I can relate to both him and Ray very well, but mostly him.

(Wow. She actually admitted it. I think this is a breakthrough.)


I've probably left stuff out, but I promise I love them too, whatever they are. It's hard to remember everything ...

(Especially when I refuse to help at all.)

(Yeah … especially then …)

I'm not the most fantastic writer (You can say that again.), so please point out any mistakes I make, as I will attempt to rectify them. Also, reviews are wonderful. They warm my heart and make my day, so if you're willing, please review!

(She lives off of reviews. Seriously. If you want her to finish a story, you have to review.)

NOTICE: I want to be told immediately if I portray anyone wildly out of character. That's my biggest pet peeve, and while I just move on from works that do it myself, I beg of you to let me know. I won't be offended, I promise! You will have my eternal thanks if you let me know about that sort of thing. It is inexcusable.

(And it's a little ridiculous. What's the point of liking somebody if you're just going to change what they're like? You're supposed to like them for the way they are right at the moment, and appreciate that they have the ability to change through the story that you're going to tell using them.)

(Wow Al, you gonna be a motivational speaker?)

(Heck no!)

My OTPs aren't all that important, as I'll ship most anybody, ... I'm not good with M/M or F/F though, as it just makes me uncomfortable. I'm sorry, it's the truth, though I'm not judging anyone else, please feel free to like what you want. On that note, I can write romance, but not really exclusively. I'm just kinda uncomfortable delving into that stuff at all really. Seriously, it's even a little awkward in movies for me.

(You should see her squirming.)

I'm sorry if it's difficult to read when I write with dialects, but accents are just one of my many hobbies, so I ain't changin' fer you. Sorry.

(She's not sorry at all.)

Thank you for being patient with me, I know I don't update often, and I think I'll probably die before I ever schedule myself ... So, ... Sorry in advance. :/

(Not that that's worth all that much …)

I hope I haven't offended anyone with how I see the world, ... or how I see all of the worlds. Hopefully I can get more than a buncha poems up, and I hope you like 'em. :) ;) And for those of you wondering about Al, he and I usually write together.

(Yeah, when the writings all boring and descriptive, or necessary background, it's her.)

Al usually writes the sassy parts. He helps me keep everyone in character. If you look, you'll probably notice a difference in our writing ….

(So now it's my turn with the mic?)

NO. We've all heard more than enough from yo- ouch! (Ooh, give that back!)

Not until I've had my say.

(Fine then, but hurry up, this is too long already!)

Okay, so because Alverrann is so forgetful, I'm going to let you all know right now; we're working on a few things, and they are as follows;


The Lost Prince (not abandoned)

(Yeah. That's my baby, and it's been growing in my head since I was a fifth grader. One of these days I'll start writing it down again ...)


Tons of Fanfictions, mainly.

Any number of random one shots ...

Tons of poems.

(Are you done giving away all my secrets?)

Our secrets, and yes. I think I am.

(Then let them go!)

Oh, right. You can all go and read our stuff now. Have fun, and please review, since Alverrann will die of neglect if you don't.

(No I wo- … Nevermind. Whatever. I'm leaving.)

Okay. She's gone. So, before I leave, I'm going to tell you something that will annoy her, but secretly, she'll be super excited. If you have any comments on what she likes, or suggestions for her to write, PM us, and she'll get back to you (usually quickly). For the most part, we do take requests. We just … don't get them that often.

Anyway, I'll let you go now, before she comes back and catches me. If you think of anything fantastic, let us know!