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Celtic Cat


Back in Jersey, not reading or writing enough!!

Still above ground, USA
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About Me

I'm sorry, due to time constraints, I'm not currently accepting any new friend requests.

Now I merely come here for the companionship of my beloved friends from way back when, who without my life would not be complete.

Much love and no offense~~
Celtic Cat

This is the drama queens stage.

Enter at your own risk.


Want to read a REAL POEM????? Check this out:

When Angels Dare to Dream
A Poem by The Viking

Just do it. NOW.


Here is the most beautiful piece I've read today... do yourself a favor and check it out!!

Mermaid Dreams
A Poem by BrightEyes

She's a great writer and friend...as I'm sure you most likely already know!!


"I might like you better if we slept together" ~~ Romeo Void
To all those who would like to be my friend: How about reviewing one of my pieces while randomly sending yourself into my Friend Request bin? I might like you better if we've slept together. aka: reading + reviewing = reading + reviewing x commonality or interest = new friend acceptance. : ) Simple math, really.


Listen to what friends and fellow writers have to say about my work (quoted without permission!)

"Well darn it, I was in a rare good mood until I read this." ~ James Plater

"Cat, you are sick and twisted..." ~ Suki

"this is strange, but in a good way. i like it." ~ Ali B

"wow That almost made me cry." ~ Terrell A. Pullen

"Disney and death... ingenious." ~ Eric Nickerson

"Quite um, interesting...For lack of a better word." ~ Trashed & Scattered

"Your in a hell of a state!!!" ~ Tomas O Carthaigh

"Wow, you really put it out there." ~ H H Kraabel

"LOL This was so hillarious... and twisted! Thanks for the good read." ~ Rogue Daffodil

"LOL *gags* I know how you feel" ~ Califia Mennone

"I feel absolutely wicked laughing at this. ... Great job." ~ Yvonne Heidt

"You're so good at deviance!" ~ Jayne Saporito

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u know how to make my mouth water!" ~ Nathan Strange

"You've created an atmospheric beauty." ~ Eric

"I like it a lot in a "wow...I shouldn't admit that" kind of way"~ Rie Sheridan

"Bloody hell... how... sharp." ~ Lyra Day

"Awesomenosity. Your poem was so good, that I created a new word." ~ Steven Silvey

"Yeah, so I saw this poem called B***s and being a guy....Anyway, apart from being flashed by Miss Piggy, I enjoyed this very much. ... Very funny, and clever with a real message at the end. Good write darlin'" ~ Bob Carney

"Interesting..." ~ Gary H

"ok..." ~ Tomas O Carthaigh

"This is got to be the most stupid thing i've read for a while lol" ~ Nathan Strange

"I think you capture the feel of the concrete's frustration very well." ~ Rie Sheridan

"The image of petting El Mono 'in his birthday suit' is a shattering and horrifying conclusion to what was shaping up to be a sweet little poem for kids." ~ James Plater

"I'll never be able to eat a sloppy joe again." ~ Bob Carney


"F**k. That picture is awful. Just awful. That story is great. You have a beautiful mind. Let's be friends shall we? I love it, who needs a new white coat anyway! F**k yeah." ~ Lola Nation

"Where are all the wonderful pieces these writers are referring to?" I hear you ask.
"Oh...I dunno, go ask Charlie"


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Ah sweet Cat. I wonder how you're doing right now. I miss you. Along with others as well. Hope all is going well. Drop me a message if you visit. Think about staying will you? *hugs*

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Posted 7 Years Ago

Hello dearest Catherine. .how I would love to hear from you..how is life with you..as for me don't think you could ever imagine to what ways have we ended..but we still live..it's still called a life ,you know ..ha ha

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Congratulations on being a Floridian! The man and I are talking about heading down there sometime next year with my man-child in tow. Whereabouts did you wind up?
Polishing up the stories as we speak but I will certainly send it to you when it is up and ready for the beta readers!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

ugh I always miss you when you pop in!!! Currently doing the day job but did the nanowrimo thing this year. Have a collection of short stories, rough draft, over 50,000 words altogether. Trying to get some beta readers for content, plot, characters, etc. I can do the grammar nazi thing on my own lol Then - doing the Ebook route I think - already started a second collection of short stories along the same theme - kind of a series thing. Also working on a trilogy story novel length. Crazy busy, crazy stressed lol Hope you're doing great girl!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

ohh my friend how kind,really such emotions in your words..hanging on thats what we keep trying..how i loved what you said on your bio,that you come here for friends who without,life would not be complete how i agree,the 4 years or more writing on here maybe were the best times of all my life,me too..take care dearest

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Ohh Cat dear i was impressed with your words ,never believed we will get into a mess like this,its like the dump we live in,and no way out could be seen any time soon

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Posted 9 Years Ago


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Posted 9 Years Ago

Miss you much!

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Just popped in to see if anyone was around from the old days. Hope all is well with you my dear friend! Miss you and everyone!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

How are you?? I am kinda back... It is hard. It is so good to see a comment from you :)