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Brooklyn, NY
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About Me

Having escaped Arkham I melded into the vast city scape of New York & now my mad scrawlings can be found across the city penned in dark alleys, park playgrounds & anywhere else that took my fancy, written in everything from chalk to blood (don't worry its no one you knew, hehehe!). Here they draw others into my twisted world view.

Gather a good drink & comfortable chair, dim the lights as you sit before the sickly glow of the screen. I offer here my labors as panderings to you dear reader. But be warned, I offer you alternatives to what you casually accept as true. History is not what you were taught, Old magic has left its clammy caress across the world & evil is indeed real living within your own home as you permit it to exist so long as it wear a kindly face.

So come, leave the mundane world behind. After all what has it ever done for you?

Still you want to know about me (why, I can't begin to fathom). Where to start? Well I'm a bit warped, frayed around the edges, but with a certain sense of dignity & nobility that isn't found in the world today. Also, you should know I'm a fictional character. Life is so much easier when you're make-believe! But then again you're all just one's & zeroes inside my computer anyway...

Finally a couple of notes...
1- if you read a story of mine & would like more let me know often I have begun additional chapters but without someone prodding me with a stick they often atrophy in my harddrive, if not the depths of my brain.
2- I encourge you to slap a note up on my page, maybe I'll use you're name in a story (of course I'll never admit that... LOL).
3- I'm not an editor. There are bound to be grammatical errors in my writing, and I like to use the Ampersand (sue me) so unless you want to point out each error so I can correct it (Skipping of course the ampersands, cause I like them & used them purposely) please just review the writing on its own & skip telling me there are grammatical errors.
4- Please only send me a friend request if you actually have an intention of reading my work (& having me read yours, cause I will!). I'm not here for a popularity contest.
5- Love the Ampersand!!!


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Posted 8 Years Ago

update update update! :)

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Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks for sending me a read request!!! I loved the new story!!!