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About Me

❤ Hi. I changed my name again... just always bored with it, and life.


I have no real purpose in life, I had a decent childhood, my parents are still together legally, maybe not mentally, I'm going through adolescent syndrome, and I feel that society is going down hill and we're all being mind controlled... but suicide is too much effort. Anyway, I'm a happy/depressed person, mostly happy and humorous, being depressed just helps me make stories more interesting. I don't know how that works, and I'm also into the horror/humor/mind f**k types of stories. ...That is all.

❦ By the way, I only use this account to write whatever I want to write, or the topics that spur on most of my artistic needs and inspiration... and that is male homosexual stories! Yesh! So don't be surprised if all you see is gay stories, it's kind of my thing. I only have one book out anyway.

❧ Also, I'd be willing to read any story so don't be afraid to send a message and ask for me to look at something. Friend request wouldn't hurt too, makes it easier for you to read request, but whatever rocks your boat. I'll do my best to give constructive criticism, and I assure I am very honest. >:D

Thanks for reading!

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✭ Preview of a Work ✭

* "He said no, not wanting to burn her expectations any longer. It's just he wasn't made for it, and he didn't want to act like someone who was just for the sake of her approval. In fact, he changed a lot about him self for her. He wore hipster clothing, thick rimmed glasses and even pretended to bleed black for her. Yet all she did for him was shake her head when he refused to take the pill. It wasn't necessarily a big swallow, but he didn't like taking risks. He used to be comfortable in his small cavern off the coast of St. Maria, where the small hermit crabs blended in the sea and pretended he wasn't there watching them. However, here he was, in this strange place with some strange people, trying to get a kiss from Mary-Sue and release the clenched up tightening in his stomach.

* He didn't want it anymore. Life wasn't worth it anymore. Instead, he looked her in the eye and gave back the bag of goodies. Then he took off his shoes and socks and he pulled off his chain belts. After casting them aside, he took the opportunity and ran off, leaving behind a crowd of confused, slightly disturbed people.

* And he ran far away.

* There was no distractions this time. He was done with society and all their methods. Children his age are not normal. They're all different and weird, and they say it's a good thing to be different and abnormal. If so, how come majority of them grow up in a basement? How come they struggle as their children cry when they are ignored? How come they have to juggle between jobs for a quality education? Then in the end some take their suffering to the Gods and give up on salvation? And take their lives as a last chance for freedom.

* He did not understand... so he ran. And that would be the end of it, because he didn't want to be a part of their world. He used to ...because he thought that that was the way to survive ...but not anymore.

* No, not anymore."


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Posted 12 Years Ago

lol ur welcome!!! XD