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About Me

D.S. Patrick's lifelong love of Fantasy books and role playing games inspired him to write his first novel. He was born in New York where his younger years were spent playing Dungeons & Dragons. He has always been fascinated by the aspects of fantasy; from dragons to wizards and everything in between. D.S. Patrick served in the military for over twenty years, where he learned good fighting strategies that helped him to write his novel. Being in the military also taught him leadership skills, how to command troops, and problem solving techniques. D.S. Patrick has also been a cook for over thirty years.

My book is called The Dragons of Rosemar: The Dragon King Prophecy.


Trouble is coming to the land of Rosemar, but who can save the kingdom from falling into the hands of the dark warlord? Does the fate of the kingdom rest in the hands of a mere kitchen boy? What possibly could 17-year-old Daniel have to offer the Kingdom of Rosemar? Scrubbing pots was all he knew, having come from a poor family. Unlike his father, he knew nothing of being a soldier, nor did he know anything about magic or what went on behind the gates of the Dragon Quarters. Yet, he was approaching manhood and would have to choose how to best serve the kingdom. The possibilities seemed inconceivable, what choices could a poor kitchen boy possibly have? It seemed the odds were against him, was he doomed to remain a simple kitchen boy?

Only fate will decide, as Daniel is taken on an incredible adventure when he discovers three strange objects and a dragon that will change his life forever.

Book Review

Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

Daniel is just a kitchen hand. Though working in the kitchen is looked upon by many of the other citizens of Rosemar as a "poor man's job," Daniel is just happy to have someplace warm and comfortable to spend the cold winter months. However, at almost 17, Daniel will have to make the decision about what he will do for the kingdom as an adult. Work with the mage? Become a dragon trainer? Or maybe a soldier like his father? The thought fills him with confusion, but it turns out he might not have to make that choice. Daniel embarks on a mysterious adventure, learning who he is, growing up, and meeting a dragon which all helps determine his life. D.S. Patrick makes a name for himself in young adult fiction with Dragons of Rosemar, a fun and fascinating fantasy tale.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this book. D.S. Patrick wrote a simple, entertaining, adventure story with a boy's coming of age story at its heart. The Dragons of Rosemar has a lot of the common tropes of fantasy: a young semi-orphaned boy, having to rely on himself and his strengths to get him through the hard situations that life has thrown his way. Despite this being a pretty typical fantasy story, there were a lot of fun and interesting aspects that made the book truly enjoyable as well. The traditional fantasy elements were well written and well played, and I really loved the scenes with the dragons!