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I'm Natalie, but i would preffer it if you called me Fang. I love to read, cook, and write. I write Erotic, horror, and action novels. I sit outside in the cold and i watch the stars until i fall asleep. I am a fun, happy, entergetic girl who can make your head spin! I love to be outside when its cold, but if its hot out, i can't stand it! i read and average of five 400-page books a week, and if im left alone, i can read 2 800-900-page books in a week. I read almost everything, and i love to read shakespear, mostly because he uses more sexual terms than you realize, and i can understand it. My favorite non-fiction book is To Kill a Mocking Bird. My favorite fiction book is... well i have too many. I now back in public school! I have a wonderful boyfriend, Justin, Who is always looking out for me and he is such a sweetie! The only way i make money right now is baby sitting. My grades are fairly good, and my best is, of course, English! Other than that you can see what i look like in my picture. Later!


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Posted 10 Years Ago

It can be said that the divine itself is openness. In its wonderful ability to be open, we can learn from the flowers, which always incarnate this principle for us. A flower simply opens to the light and warmth of the sun and receives the moisture from the earth and the rain.

Individuals who are mystically awake also have the ability to just be. Indeed, they are vitally conscious of the importance of this capacity for simply being. Contemplative spirituality is a call to being: to just be who we are in the deepest sense of our nature, our contemplative, mystical being. We all have this dimension of being by virtue of our humanity; everything else we do only adds to what we already are. In this, the flower is again our teacher. The flower doesn't do anything. The flower doesn't read books, answer letters, give speeches, or attend school. It just is.

Joy is an unmistakable sign of the deeper life. It comes as an abiding gift when an individual has reached union with the divine. This inner bliss that saturates our being, life, thoughts, actions, and relationships is an expression of spiritual plenitude, the fullness of the inner journey.

- From The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions. Copyright © 1999 by Wayne Teasdale.