demotivated atm; jaded and burnt out

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About Me

Hiraya or haraya? Whichever, I need to get myself a Filipino dictionary.

The word means imagination, while the other word (diskarte) has something to do with street smarts or being business-minded (something I'm currently not but striving to be).
Diskarte is difficult to translate.
T is a letter, shortened from "at," meaning "and".
There's supposed to be an apostrophe before it but the site doesn't allow apostrophe's in usernames....

I plan to make money with writing someday. Artists are human, therefore they shouldn't starve.

IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO LISTEN, TRY 7CUPS or some other site for peer counseling or chat. I know a lot of people use writing to vent but if what you need is someone to respond in almost real-time, posting things online and waiting for them to read it will take forever.

I tend to write long reviews. I'm not into overly feel-good comments nor did I come from the depths of hell. Whatever I write has basis. I can like or dislike your work, but don't take it personally. I tend to be serious as well, so if you compare it to my poetry writing and stuff, I might give off the impression that I'm emotionless.

How I rate:
25- If it's not spam.
50- If it's readable.
75- If it has direction.
90 and up- If I believe a lot in its potential.

IF I'VE REVIEWED YOU ONCE and did not irritate you (or maybe I did but you found it helpful nonetheless), you're welcome to request for a review.
IF I HAVEN'T YET, you're welcome to request as well, but make sure you've read one of my reviews so you know what brutality to expect.

I skip over spelling and grammar errors. I'm not volunteering as your proofreader.
(I will pay attention, however, if you seem to be defying convention intentionally.)

I don't "add friends" unless we've interacted enough.
Some stuff we can test talking about as ice-breaker:
-WritersCafe stuff (faves, irks, random)
-manhwa by Ha Il-kwon
-aesthetics in music videos (in layman language pls)
-The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman, Shinsekai Yori as trans by eerabbit, Kinship with All Life by J. Allen Boone, At the Threshold of the Book as trans by Rosemarie Waldrop
-stuff we find overrated or generally agreed upon but have reservations on
-describe your breakfast in detail