Stu. T.H. (Leon)

Stu. T.H. (Leon)


I generally go by "Leon", I am just a whimsical creature who writes for momentary pleasure

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About Me

Also known as "Leon", "Donny Wells" or "Dan Rastley".
I am an amateur poet who writes short stories and poems which are typically strictly fictional in nature and roots.
I make poems for my friends, darlings and things I appreciate thus my works are personalized, so most are intimate feelings that those who are not acquainted with me may not understand.
My works explore a wide variety of themes, and subjects and are written in various styles.
I seek friends and acquaintances who may have a similar affinity for writing as I do.
(I need friends...)
I also wish to confess that I can be very silly at times which may seem out of character, thus I seek your pardon and patience with me. Teehee ~ ☆

My main inspirations:
- Videogames.
- Musical videos.
- Literature.
- Lifestyles.
- Boyish desires
- Eastern Desires.
- Western Desires.
- Ethics.
- Intrusive thoughts.
- Fictitious desires.
- Humanity's degeneracy.
- Love and Romance.
- Sapphic desires.
- Fate: The Ultimate Writer.
- Karma: Enactment of the will of Fate, and The Bonds between us.
- History: The script crafted by Fate, and its possible variations (Historical Fiction).

During my humble life, I've seen, heard, recited and even partook in a variety of stories. But as I matured, I realised myself to be a better writer than I am a character of any story, so now I hone my pen. But I am still often groped into new tales now and then, a sign which I later accepted as good fortune.

List of my personally favoured works:
- You ask, What is my Pen used for?
- Senryu: An Old Pawn Shop
- Thou art the Master of Love
- The first ever
- I've loved the girl with auburn hair
- Our little Secret(s) [The Series]
- Heavy Night Out
- The Last We Met
- The Hello ★ and Good Morning ☆ Song
- Haiku: The Hammock
- Cotton ☆ Dream ♡ Candy ♧ Sakura @ 24 ~ !!
- Pitiful knock-offs
- Fireworks, and You, and Me
- Fishermen's Moonless Night, Drunken
- Half-asleep Poetry (1): I - Am - Nagashi-Somen
- Haiku: Nagashi Sōmen (流しそうめん)
- Loving Desires~! × Dan Rastley's Rebellion Against Fate
- Senryu: An Onsen's Delight
- An Unusually Starful Night ☆
- Sonnet: A Fairy tale’s Lovesong
- Sonnet: Fairy tale's Enchanted Garden
- (百合) A Winter Date With A Sweetheart
- ♥︎ Strawberry Sweetheart ♥︎
- Fishing for Wine - Admiring Beauties / Chén Rượu - Trông Lầu Hoa
- Drunken Plates under a Shining Moon
- Haiku: Dandelion

Below are my personas used for writing, also known as my penways:
- Thanh (Eastern Amateur Writer)
- Leon (Amateur Poet)
- Dan Rastley (Reflection on a Sinful Life)
- Donny Wells (Writer)
- Yuriko (Sapphic Sweetheart)