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Melissa Rose


Life is all sorts of circles

Farmington, CT
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About Me

An artist is the best person able to take the beauty of a sunset and translate it to color and words. Dance and music. Even still, there's always that deep down frustration.

You see the reason artists get so frustrated with their work is because they know, try as they might, there's always something missing, something a little not right and this is true whether you write, or paint, or dance, or create. That's because there are things in this world that can never be explain or put onto paper and movement. No matter how great I write, I don't think I'll ever be able to explain to a person the beauty of the sunset on the beach if they've never seen it themselves. Even if they see a photograph in a magazine it won't compare to seeing it in person and that's because beauty needs to be experienced, not witnessed from behind a solid plate of bullet proof glass.

Just like you or me. People want nothing more than to be with that one person who will know them without ever having to explain it. But the thing is your filled with that essence, that something that every artists tries to capture. Like the sunset, your heart and soul can't be explained. You can't be explained, or captured or understood in a two dimensional image or any amount to poetry. You can only be experienced, and loved. The one's that know you the best, are the one's who don't try to define you. They don't question your actions or those strange little contradictions that make you who you are. The people that know you the best, are the people who just sit beside you to watch the sunset, rather than wasting their lives trying to capture and understand what about it quiets their souls.