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New Zealand
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About Me

Hey there.

Welcome to my page! Well, I'm a female from New Zealand. I love listening to music like any other teenager. I enjoy drawing and writing but I'm currently lacking any inspiration to write and so I'm trying to get back into writing. I don't really have any genre that I write although it seems most of my latest work has been romances. Yea, I hate that. Its so boring and cliche and everyone does that so I'm tryna find my own unique style.. and failing. Any suggestions?

My favourite colour would be blue and green. My favourite numbers would be 9, 3, and 63. My favourite bands would be.. well lets face it I have too many to name. Im probably about 60% rock, 15% metle and any other genre would go into the last 25%.

I'm part of two other creative writing communites. (Mibba and Storywrite)

I am currently completing my last two days of school, then my final exams before I will be stepping out into the big ugly world and start earning my own way and making my own mistakes. Can't wait!! :D

I go INSANELY hyper for no reason what so ever. Just because I feel like it. I'm weird and crazy and all that stuff but don't bother telling me that, I already know. Although I would rather enjoy hearing what you first clue was??

Green and purple skittles are thee best!! If you wanna get in my good books, get me a warm cookie or skittles and I will love ya! ;) xD

I'm a complete animal lover. I have a thing for Aussies apparently... Haha xD I love making new friends and would also love for you to help me with my writing so I can make it the best it possibly can be because right now I honestly believe that all my work has a lot of room for improvement. I don't believe I am very good at writing, but I would love to change this so please help me by reviewing my work :)

And with that, I bid you goodbye. Thanks for reading this whole about me, I know its rather long and boring xD

Peace, love and laughs!

Sese, Possum, I'ma Tree, J-Nugget, Muppet, Raging hot hillbilly, and can't forget Jess.


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Posted 10 Years Ago

hey just stoped by to show some love