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Manchester, United Kingdom
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About Me

Ohai! I'm the God of gods in the Land of Ore, the People's Puppeteer, and the only one sitting in its audience-seats at the moment.

With busy goings-on coming and going, I often stray away from writing and procrastinate. Oh, woe is me.

Ah well, I'm delighted to tell you that my little resumé of writing will be kicked-started soon (probably, possibly, hopefully) here with two projects:

The One of No Form (horrible working-title. . . BEAR WITH ME.)
- seen as a shapeless entity by everyone-else and heard as a whisper by few, nineteen-year-old Jules Embliss is sent back in time to the very beginning to keep a certain order of events follow a structure that's been repeated again and again. While facing challenges in her own time and own life, she tries hard to handle the difficulties that being human brings, when met with the most infamous events of history. This is the task of the Watcher, the one who discovers there's no saving the world from dying - no matter how much she wants to.

(Not the blurb, just the briefing. If that's the blurb, oh God, it's dreadful xD)

Ao of the Mountain
- half-dwarf, half-lycan, the children of the Menm family are forced to move south with the family to take care of their grandmother in their last days. The oldest Hanna gets no support from her brother, Embar, when she's starts to suffer from bullies who laugh at her for being quiet, for being solitary, and for being Mixed. Her parents seem a bit too involved with something else, to pay any attention to her. Hanna does receive support, however, from the spirit of a neighbouring mountain, a blue, furry, moustachioed creature who likes apples, pools, and cake. He is Ao, and legends say he appears to a person when Death is coming.