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Lakewood, WA
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About Me

JazmineDenee | est. 1993 | Takenforever♥

My name is Jazmine Den'ee and I'm pretty sure the dictionary couldn't define me
I'm a very happy go lucky person; but I can turn into a b***h pretty fast.
I'm spoiled; my way or the high way. Sorry if you don't like that.
The name Shawn Michael Crites mean that I am taken; forever.
I might have a lot of friends but only two have a real place in my heart;
Jordan Ren'ee Wilder & breanna Nicole Menson you two are the reason that
I am still alive today, and I love you so much. Thank you.
There is really only one person I can trust with everything & that is my mom
I am a major texter; ask me for my number & i might give it to you. Ha not.
I am a christian no matter what; The Lord is my life & savior.
April 10th 1993 is muh birthday; send me gifts & i'll love you forever
I think of myself as short; 5'4" & never growing again. ha ha.
If I met you online; i can assure you I will never meet you in person.
I am very sXe; no drinking, drugs, parties, so don't ask.
I love making Kandi; buy me some beads & string & I'll make you something.
I don't do drama & I DGAF if you have it; don't bring it to me.
I have a unnatural obsession of piercings & tattoos; don't judge me. (:
I have five piercings & one tattoo; no they did not hurt.
I have five more piercing & i have no idea how many tattoos to go.
Give me a chance & don't listen to what you hear. & most of all.
F I N D O U T T H E R E S T F O R Y R S E L F F Y O U W I L L L O V E M E ♥


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Posted 13 Years Ago

- When we spend time creating loving experiences, we are growing. We are actively training ourselves to be in a loving state more and more. Love IS in all of us, all of the time. We're training ourselves to become able to feel and access it more, which is what we all desire to feel all of the time. We're growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Our spiritual body is actually growing metaphysically bigger. As our spiritual body becomes bigger we are becoming more of who we really are.

Learning to embrace change will tune you into more of your loving nature. Loving change is the very essence of all of the expressions of life. Therefore, learning to create Love Time for extended periods of time will move you to embrace a life of change and to understand your relationship with yourself, your guides/God/All That Is/the Universe. It will bring extraordinary clarity. It is a way to make your life magical.

- by Keith Braselton