I miss coming here... I've been so busy! Sorry guys!

Moron , OH
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About Me

I'm stopping poetry right now. I have so much work to do! Hullo! I'm Jeleseka-chan! I hope I can be your friend. I'm looking for good stories and books to read. Here's a little about me and... my awesomely awesome weirdness!

I have fallen up stairs.

When I was little, I thought I was a ghost, so I ran straight into a wall.

Sadly, I have fallen off of a cliff

My favorite animals are as following. 1: BEARS!, 2:Owls!, 3: Chinchillas!, 4: Dragons(Yesh, they're real to me!), 5: Wolves. If I could replace 4, I think it would be the whole cat family...

It's very hard for me to write stories and stick with them...

I LOVE potatoes...

Anime and Manga are my life, but I read too.

I'm an artist, but have no printer to scan things on. :(

I'M FRIENDLY!!!I love making new friends. I want to make as many as possible.

I'm a freak, but I love being so!

If I could become anything in the Harry Potter world, it would be a Veela...

I'm in LOVE with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, so forth and so forth.

Nerdy at heart<3

I. AM. A. GAMER. GIRL. :3 I grew up with Zelda... so it is now my bias.

I'm really shy at first, but once I'm friends with you, I'm like a thorn in your... hand. :3 I'm really random, and love being cute... sometimes I'm not, but meh. xD

I need to get back on here! I've been gone a while, I need more people to help anchor me here!

Lastly, share my work. Because we all know, that we love being looked at, and we all now we want to be put out there. So help me out.

Thank you, Jeleseka-chan


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hey! :)
Sure! Lets be friend :D
Okay, after reading your profile:
I have two cats named Frodo and Samwise, am a Ravenclaw, love video games and Zelda is AMAZING, I have fallen up the stairs, am curious as to how high the cliff you fell off was, and love pretty much all magic and mythical creatures.
It's nice to meet you :p

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hey hey hey!!

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Posted 11 Years Ago

hey hey hey XD