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Blackburn, United Kingdom
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About Me

Hi there. I'm Jess ^^
I'm 13 years old.
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I live in Blackburn, England.
I'm not normal. At all. I might need to go see a Doctor?
My four favourite things in life are:
Writing (No shiz)
and Music
Such as;

Avenged Sevvenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, All Time Low, There For Tomorrow, Lamb Of God, The Gazette, Fall Out Boy, Lady GaGa (Wooaahh.. where did that come from?) and looadss more..

I must also admit that I'm a Bieber fan ^-^

My FAVOURITE books.. have to be.....
The Twilight Saga, (which has been ruined by the Films (which are good, but too popular), The crappy Merchandise and the Team Edward/Jacob Crap)
Fallen (Truelly Beautiful I must say)
and Blood Ties (Thriller. Couldn't put it down.)

Hope you like mah stuff (:
Bye Bye
Jess <3


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001. What is Your Name? Jessica
002. How old are you? 13
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?

004. What is your height? 5'8" I think..
005. Do you have any siblings? Yes.. Two Brothers and a sister.. all younger >.>
006. What is your eye colour? Blue
007. What is your hair colour? Naturally Brown, Dyed Purpley Black.
008. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses
009. Are you right handed or left handed? Right
010. Do you have any piercings? Nope. But I REALLY want my eyebrow, Nose and lip done :(
011. Do you smoke? Nope
012. Do you swear? YES.
013. Do you get along with your parents? Recently I have.
014. Your heritage Uhm. I'm not sure tbh.
015. Your fears Anything to do with the sea, Getting lost at sea scares me the most though.
016. Goal you would like to achieve this year Lose a bit weight :/
017. Most overused phrase on an instant messenger OMG.
018. Best Physical Feature Uhm... eyes apparently
019. Your bedtime When I get tired :L
020. What time do you arise in the morning? School = 7, Not school = abonut 10ish.
021. First thoughts waking up? The dream the night before wasn't real (i.e. No vanmpires crawling through my window, and my Dad ISN'T dating my aunt.) :) ^^
022. Do you shower daily? Yes. (Bath)

This Or That?
023. Bright or dark room? Dark room
024. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
025. Dogs of cats? Preferably cats, but I prefer MY dogs, not the phenomenon of dogs.. Some dogs are little b******s :)
026. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
027. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds
028. Ant or Dec? Ant
029. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? I couldn't say I've tasted either.
030. Cappuccino or Coffee? Cappucino

In the last month have you...
031. Drank alcohol? Nope..
032. Gone to a mall? Yes. PRIMARK (:
033. Eaten a box of Oreos? I've eaten AN oreo.
034. Eaten sushi? Nope. Never eaten sushi full stop. :)
035. Been on stage? Nope.
036. Been dumped? Well. You need a relationship first, that unfortunatly, I can't say I'm in :(
037. Gone skinny dipping? NO. BUT I WANNA :D
038. Stolen Anything? Nope, well, yes. Some wood from my brothers room.. But I needed it >.> :)

Have you ever...
039. Laughed for no reason? I always do :)
040. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? YES.
041. Been in love? YE-- no.
043. Been drunk? Nope >.<
044. Been called a Tease? No. :L
045. Been beaten up? No. Coz I iz Well 'Ard ^^
046. Shoplifted? Nope.

What was the last....
047. Furry thing you touched? O.O
048. Thing you've said? It was five minutes ago and i can't remember.
049. Song you've listened to? *listening to - When Blood Runs Black - A Beautiful Mistake
050. (Who was the last) person you've spoken to on the phone? My Dad
051. Movie you watched? School Of Rock
052. Thing you were doing before this? Msn. To Rachel ..
053. Time you cried? Like, the other day.
054. Song you've sang? Telephone - Lady GaGa
055. Time you looked at the clock? Just then.
056. Food and drink you've had? A bite of a ham butty, and some apple and blackcurrant cordial.
057. Flavour of gum you've chewed? PepperMint.
058. Shoes you've worn? My Converse
059. Store you've been in? This chippy.

060. Planet? Earth
061. Age you've been so far? 13
062. Season? Summer. This weather at the moment is perfect tbh. I LOVE rain.
063. Number? 7
064. TV show? Kerrang! Top 10
065. Flower? Tiger Lilly

066. How much cash do you have on you? None.
067. What's a word that rhymes with 'door'? W***e
068. What T-Shirt are you wearing? Union Jack one (it's a guys one)
069. What brand of shoes are you wearing? Converse
070. What did your last text message say? I can't remember. It was from Jack though ^^
071. What were you doing at midnight last night? Msn.
072. What's your current desktop picture? I have Windows 7. I don't have a desktop picture.
073. What's a word that you say a lot? 'OMG< right;' (Phrase, but even so)
074. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Blue
075. How is the weather right now? Rainy
076. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face..
077. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Yes. Well, face to face yes.
078. Can you do a headstand (not using a wall)? NO :(
079. Who would you like to see right now? Hayley or Rachel.
080. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two..
081. Would you go on a date with someone on MySpace? No.
082. How do you want to die? With a bullet to my head ^^ But me doing it >.> (I'm not suicidal btw)
083. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Councillor/Psychologist in like, Japan.
084. What country would you most like to visit? JAPAN.
085. How many CDs do you own? Few. LIke, 5.
086. How many things, in your past, do you regret? None. Because it all leads up to now, and now is pretty good atm.
087. Do you think you are attractive? I think I'm OK ish.
088. Do you believe in yourself? YES.
089. Do you want to get married? Depends...

In a boy/girl...
090. Favourite eye colour? Brown
091. Favourite hair colour? Black
092. Short or long hair? Shoulder Length.
093. Height? Taller than me, but not too tall.
094. Weight? Not too skinny, and nothing over big built. But, It doesn't really matter tbh