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About Me

For more info on my little world, visit:
-Latest post: 2nd Draft Preview

My favorite stories are usually ones that have a bigger world behind them, a story behind the story that becomes even more engrossing the more you study it. Things like J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion (I've read it twice!), the T.V. show LOST and some Anime series like Evangelion. I think this is apparent in my writing style. The main world I write in: Echowake, spans thousands of years with vastly different characters and settings throughout. The whole thing started out with a basic concept for an anime developed by myself and a former creative partner:

"A broken world, covered in scorched earth. Massive Air Whales calmly floating across the sky, while a great evil is stirred. "

A simple enough concept, but the potential has inspired my creativity for the past several years. So far the only "released" works of Echowake exist in a series of journals written as a prequel to the main narrative, though I have so much more unfinished writing in the form of history/mythology, character background info, screenplay-style scripts, an online game, pieces of short stories etc. I look forward to sharing some of that here and getting some feedback.

I'm currently working on my first full novel. It's book one in what will hopefully become a series chronicling the adventures of:
Trede a wandering courier, with a mysterious dark affliction.
Cassidy the brazen yet brilliant member of the Cytech Inventors Guild.
And Traz, a curious and insouciant member of the proud and secretive Selahn race.

This book takes places in the latest years (written so far) in the fictional world of Echowake. The setting is a mix of post-apocalyptic, steampunk, fantasy and mystical-goodness.

Also if you're in to that sort of thing, you can follow me on twitter:

Thanks for reading!