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Walnut Creek, CA
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About Me

And now you find yourself sitting in the center of a room, on a wooden floor, in the lotus position. Exotic music with an oboe and a 4/4 beat of cymbals is playing at a very low volume. When you opened your eyes you can hear the deep resonate rhythms of bamboo drums playing. You look out upon the flat surface of the floor and see the sunbaked floor of the desert. There are large black cracks on the desert floor that appeared to originate from the base of your feet and spreading out into infinity.

Suddenly, an object in the distance begins to come in closer to you. The floor of the desert is moving below you, the sky is standing still, and before you is a giant Rubric's Cube. You look up at the Rubric's Cube. Your nose is perfectly centered to the edge. Your right eye is able to see only the left side of the Rubric's Cube, your left eye is only able to see the right side of the Rubric's Cube. And the corner of the Rubric's Cube goes all the way up to the center of the sky. You're disoriented by all the multicolored squares that your eyes are trying to focus on.

You blink your eyes and all the colored blocks turned to liquid and rushed up into the sky. The Rubric's Cube moves further away until it can no longer been seen. The sky begins to race with brilliant streaks of red against blue and then turning to black. The sunbaked desert floor begins to glow a bright orange with random black lines illuminating the cracks in the dry mud.

You blink your eyes again and everything you saw a moment ago is hidden from view by infinite black darkness all around you. The next time you blink your eyes a Shaman is standing before you with a human skull. Its eyes are looking directly into your eyes. You can feel the sweat roll down your face. Your heart is beating faster. You've become frightened. The next time you blink your eyes, you see a room full of white light, and hear voices. As the light moves a way, you hear the dentist say, "we're all finished today."

Are you ready to jump over the edge and enter my imagination?

When I first began writing, I found myself writing fiction in the second person without any understanding why I was doing it. It just came to me naturally. Once I began working with a writers group, I began to challenge myself to write in the first and third person. I now write most of my stories in first and third person.

I like to write fiction. Some of it is very dark. Sometimes it is lighthearted and fun. But no matter what I write, I just like to write for my own enjoyment. I invite and welcome people to say whatever the like or dislike about my writings. I'm not afraid of criticism. I have a vision for my stories and if someone has something to say, I'll consider it. If I disagree ... oh well, at least you were honest and I can respect that.


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Posted 16 Years Ago

Hi there,
Thanks for accepting the friend request. I'll be dropping by your page in the following days as soon as I catch up with some read requests I received in the past weeks... Feel free to send me your links and... yeah, that's pretty much it :) Take care,


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Posted 16 Years Ago

I just thought I'd leave you a friendly comment as I have time on my hands, and nothing to spend it with.
Hope you're doing well my new friend!