Taking down my writing after discovering it has been plagerized on another website. F**k.

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About Me

Who am I?
Some people say I am a b***h.
Some say I'm a sweetheart.
I have been called self-righteous.
I have been told I'm the strongest person many have met.
Take these words for what you will. I've been labeled on both ends of the spectrum by individuals who know me too well and by those who do not know me at all. What you decide of me is up to you, but it is also irrelevant.

Again, who am I?
Most days, my mindset can be summed up in a love-stricken song or quote. My past rules me most days, but I am slowly breaking away from that vice. By this summer, I'll be free of it completely, of that I am determined.
Words are my passion, and I possess an extensive love-hate relationship with my imagination.
My sanity is questionable, but I counterbalance that daily with healthy doses of humor, sarcasm, and profanity.
I am a realist and an idealist, a living paradox.

I believe in God and in Christ. I believe in love. I believe in morals and values. I believe in chivalry and respect. I value empathy and integrity.

Perfection is not being without flaws, but being flawed in all the right ways. I'm trying to view the good in the world, to see the flip side of everyone's coin. If we all did that, maybe life would be a little different, a little better.
I'm just trying to be the best that I can be.