i don't know why, but it often says i'm online when i'm not

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About Me

i am testing this to see what it's all about now. i used to write here years ago, and enjoyed it very much. i wrote fiction mostly, and many reviews for other writers. i made friends, and hope to again. i have many interests, but one that is always with me is the hope to read and write good literature.

a little background:
i've been part of in-person writers' groups twice, to good success. we all took part in readings, and many of us had work published in magazines. personally, i've had several things published "on paper"...in magazines, a broadsheet, and a newspaper. at the newspaper, i was a staff reporter for about five years. i also wrote a play that was successfully produced. i mainly write memoirs now, and also poetry and fiction of all kinds.

i wrote reviews of books for that newspaper, and shared reviews of sorts in groups, classrooms and online. i look forward to meeting you and reading your work. i promise i'll use capital letters when i write reviews. :-D


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Posted 9 Months Ago

Hi LJ!

It's great to see you here! Thanks for sending the friend request so quickly. ^_^

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Posted 1 Year Ago

Noticed the site most often shows me as "online" when the truth is, I'm often not here and must login every time I come here, just like everybody does. Does anyone see that problem?