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About Me

Name - Lollyst

Inner Age - 7

Real Age - Leave a message after the beep..

Personality - Optimistic, childish, carefree, clueless, hypocritical

Likes - Chocolate, blood, good stories, cool guys, junior high, smoothies, boba drinks, anime and manga, RL friends and family (sometimes), watching real life drama from the sidelines, being lazy, food in general, winter, cream puffs, gummy bear vitamins, band class, pianos and clarinets, TXF and online friends.

Dislikes - Cheaters, hackers, scammers, dark chocolate, summer, heat, pet peeve people, stubby pencils, Kumon and extra homework, people who think they understand me, helium singing, english dub, melted ice cream and cold medicine, nagging parents, heartless teachers and babies.

Occupation - Amateur artist, writer, and poet, fulltime animefan, procrastinator and lazy fatass.

Suffers from - Scholiosis, paranoia, avoidant, and schizophrenia, art blocks and writing blocks.

Collects - Sharp crayons, crushed ice, and Ramune glass balls