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Xxcrimson11xX (Martina)


900 years of time and space and I've never met anyone who wasn't important.

Chicago, IL
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About Me

Hey, Martina here. I am complicated, strange, rather odd, unpredictable, reckless, childish and immature. And I absolutely love being that way. I am who I am and nothing is going to change that.
I am in love with all creative and performing arts. But i am completely, utterly and irrevocably obsessed with writing. By writing I've been able to journey to places and with people that I know better than I know myself. I am, literally, a stationary traveler. Stationary: Not moving or not intended to be moved. Traveler: A person who is traveling or who often travels.
Writing aside, I love history and science. It's weird though, you could probably ask me some basic question about both but i wouldn't know them. Then again, i know so many random facts and details an such about particular subjects and topics and i will ramble on until i'm out of things to say. I love learning. But I have to want to learn that. it has to catch my attention. It has to have something that makes it interesting. That's why I hate school. I get bored. And I've though about just leaving because i know that i will learn much more on my own than a teacher could ever teach me and i will actually apply it in my life. I love science because it never bores me. there's always something to learn. A question to be answered. And most of the time a logical explanation, one that makes sense. I love it because it's always trying to find answers. Science is curious. Just like me. But sometimes, I have falling outs with science. Because it doesn't believe in that which does not have any evidence to support it. Sometimes the phrase "See it to believe it" frustrates me. I believe it's the other way around. "believe it to see it." I think anything's possible. Maybe not here. But somewhere. For all I know every time i imagine a place or a person or an entire story, somewhere it came into existence and happened. juts because I imagined it did. But since disputes some of the things i've imagined because it I don't have any way to prove it, and if it were real, it would go again most, if not all, the laws, rules and principles that have been set in place by science to explain how things work and why it must be that way.
The majority of my time is spent reading. Reading is everything to me. I read more books in a week than my classmates do in a year. Books are the most important material things in my life. I could read them 2743985823 and still enjoy them as much as i did the first time, if not more.
I can write about anything and everything. I write whatever comes to mind. I don't waste my time over thinking what i write until after i've finished.
I could write about a the life of a classroom turtle, i could right about an advanced community of tiny people that protect a star that a godess gave them. So, I hope you enjoy whatever it is I decide to write and I hope you bear with me when I write nonsense. Penguin cyborgs dance it tutus and top hats!