I hate Damsels in Distress.

Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines
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About Me

Hello there everyone, my name is Marzarret and I am a Writer Hobbyist. Hobbyist since writing and reading stories especially Paranormal Love stories is my favorite hobby. I don't aspire to become a Writer someday, it's not just me, but I do enjoy knowing about people that read and enjoy my writings, a few pieces of my mind as I called them.

Here's a little something about myself. I'm a young adult, it means that I'm over 20. I'm not gonna write my exact age since it will always change every year, but I still have about 10 years as an over 20, so let's just keep it that way. I'm a kind of a robust looking guy, my Zodiac Sign is Libra, and I was born on a September. For those people that see me but doesn't know me, their first expression is that I'm a grumpy and tough guy because of my sometimes stern expression. But actually I'm kind of the bashful type of person, I easily turn red, and sometimes lack of confidence is some matters that I'm dealing in my life, but of course, I know that in the end of the day I must get through it if I want to move on.

I'm the person who always believe is Happy Endings regardless of how dark, difficult, or hopeless things seems, I always believe that everything will turns out to be fine in the end. And if it don't, then I'll have to find one with everything that I can do.

My favorite genre in writing are Adventures and Paranormal Romance, and the type of character that I often prefer are those that are a combination of Light and Darkness, of Good and Evil. Cold but warm, fierce but gentle, the kind of people that are tough and stubborn in the outside but the gentlest of people in the inside of the other way around.

So far, I'm writing "The Light Beyond" my dream story that I wish to complete no matter what it takes. It's a story about Cast, an enigmatic young man that feels an unexpected affection towards a girl named Lina. However, both their lives are clad with mysteries and violence that jeopardized their relationship.

The story also revolves around a Human/Vampire hybrid named Dallas, a dark entity that hides in the dark that watch over the world where Cast and Lina reside.

Will the two of them break or hold on? And what will be the role of Dallas towards their relationship?