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Getting back into the groove of writing..

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About Me

Welcome to my profile!

I'm MusicManiac, it is nice to meet you!

Poetry is my one of my favorite escapes, only second to music. I love to write (though I will admit that I go through phases of being unable to do so) and share it on this website. I write about a variety of topics, but romance is by far my favorite.

I am not one for using contest writing prompts, but some of my pieces are responses to challenges posted to a group I am in. It is always really interesting to see how different minds choose to respond to the same question.

I have recently turned off the ability to receive Read Requests, so I apologize if you have sent me something. I always feel bad when I see the number of request get larger and I don't answer them, but I have been working on getting myself back together, so I may turn the function back on.

To leave this randomness this a quote:

"The creation of a single world comes from a large number of fragments and chaos" (Hayao Miyazaki)


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Oh I love Hayao Miyazaki anime's hope you're well my friend

Just saying Hello!

Blessings. Benita

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Why thank you! Here's to us romantics~~

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Posted 6 Years Ago

love your profile and I agree with everything you said about love, I'm a total hopeless romantic.