It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

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About Me

I love to explore the realms of fantasy through writing, singing, dreaming; as well as lay bare the realities that terrify me, mold me, and guide me.

"Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." --Peter Pan

One day, I hope to find my true love and go to Neverland-- a place where you don't have to grow up, a place where there is no evil, no suffering; or at least, there doesn't have to be. A place where happiness will last forever, and love will never die. A place where I can be me without fear of scorn or disappointment. But, alas, a dream is only a dream and a wish is only a wish. And though I want to be in the second star to the right, reality enters in without a fight. My life pushes and pulls me this way and that... Will it ever end? The agony? The suffering? The loneliness? How many more days can my heart take? It has broken again and again before it could fully mend. Like a yo-yo, it goes up in the air, reaching for the clouds. But what comes up, must come down. And, oh, does it touch the floor-- hugging it tight. Nights are my only escape into a world created in my head. And, yet, I am afraid of the dark, of what it holds, and why I can't see if something's there. How could my escape be my nightmare? How could my life be a constant wave of torment? How could I stand wishing on a star that doesn't grant fantasy? One word, I guess. Hope. I am hopeful. And though that is a great and powerful strength, it is also a mighty and heartbreaking weakness. I lost someone. One person. And I broke. Yet I was hopeful to mend. And I did. Because I found someone. One person. What happens now? One person broke me, and another mended me. Will I go back to emptiness again? Will this new and found person break me like the other did?
Alas, I am hopeful for Neverland. For happiness. For love. For serenity. For the feeling of being complete.