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About Me

A 24 year old and her internet journal.


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Posted 4 Years Ago

So, you're disinterested in the novels of today? Grown tired of reading great books that have been around since the 1890's? Might I interest you in reading a book by me, Shawn Dwayne Blankenship?
I have a D.D., in Divinity, a Ph.D., in Metaphysics, as well as a Ph.D. in Omniology, and a Ph.D. in Linguistics, a Ph. D. in Ontology. A Bachelor in Web Design, a 3 year course in Art and Design, a Master's in Music, A Masters in Theology,with seven years of Health Class (Phlebotomists, cytology,Neurobiology), And I have studied under the Law and Bar codes. With much, so much, more in my life.

I am apparently a Master of the Macabre, Hm. 7 time winner of the Horror Award, 2 time Gothic Literature award, The Marry Shelly Award, Stephen King Award, Bram Stoker award, Bloodiest Vamp Award, 1st place Demon Possession Award, Spookiest Piece Award, Bloody Good Badge Award, Jack the ripper award, 8th place Honorable Sin Award, 4th place Honorable Gothic Award, 4th place Dark mention Award, 10th place Honorable pain Award, Six time winner of the Horror award, Prosperous Poet Award, Philosophical Award, The Damned Award, Up From Hell Award, Mental Occurrence Award, Sinister Award, 1st Place Romantic Award, HONORABLE MENTION DARK ROMANCE, Shape Shiftier Award, Transylvania Award, Psycho Vamp Award, LE GASP Award, Lovely Twist Award, Le-stat Award, Louis Award, Maharet Award, Master Award, 3rd Place Desperation! Award, Psychic Vamprye Award, Great Evil Award, Serial killer tendencies Award, Tragic Poet Award, And many-many-many more!

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Thank you for accepting my friend request!

~S. D. Blankenship