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When i was returing to this website . I realize things get realy whorst then I anticipated . Often i am loged off or even my account baned but after hour i can log in again. There must be some technical issues . But what is more disturbing account who accused me i am plagiator is still on. I reported several times but moderators don' care. This person just present baseless lies and call me with bad names . But nobody care and even i saw today he was attacking under his another account Dark hydra nobody cares. This website is not just anymore save but also very harmful to mental health. When you this person block he will atack you again and again and again. Writers here don't know what word friendship and unity mean. No one from you stand behind me when i was attacked . For example account emmajoy blocked me and unbloked me 7 times without any further explanation. I am happy i am leaving. Now i am on other website where one ip adress can have just one account and where safety policy take really seriously. If this account what telling slanderious lies about me will be not shut down. I am taking further steps to make sure this account will be closed. So long and thank you for all fake reviews and fake friendships . And beware of accounts .
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