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About Me

I'm sixteen years old, and I live in Boston, MA. I love to write because I get to go into my own little world. I get inspiration from everything. Songs, Poems, even Television and Movie plots. I once had to write a short story for freshman English class, and while the other girls in my class (All Girl School. AHH!) passed in 2 page stories, I passed in a 24 page "novel" as my teacher liked to call it :)
That triggered my love for writing. I've been writing ever since. I share an account (joesgurl14) with my friend Gabby on quizilla.com and we mostly write about the Jonas Brothers, because "That's what she wants." As she says. I love Gabbo, so it's okay. I just channel my ideas, and make them Jonas approved :)
Of my writing, I always get positive feedback. Sometimes I don't think they're being honest, which is what I really want. I joined this site because I want to broaden my horizons. Okay, this about me is getting a little long, which is embarrassing. I haven't even posted a story yet :)

Peace Love Punk,
Kristen <3


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Posted 13 Years Ago

by Edgar Guest

I'd like to leave but daffodills to mark my little
To leave but tulips red and white behind me as
I stray;
I'd like to pass away from earth and feel I'd
left behind
But roses and forget-me-nots for all who come
to find.

I'd like to sow the barren spots with all the
flowers of earth,
To leave a path where those who come should
find but gentle mirth;
And when at last I'm called upon to join the
heavenly throng
I'd like to feel along my way I'd left no sign
of wrong.

And yet the cares are many and the hours of
toil are few;
There is not time enough on earth for all I'd
like to do;
But, having lived and having toiled, I'd like the
world to find
Some little touch of beauty that my soul had
left behind.