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Delhi, Delhi, India
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About Me

I have more time for the cause of my country than for myself and I will make best use of my only life to carry out the legacies of my forefathers and to fight for the rightful cause of my country is the dream to dream in every sleepless night of mine.

My name is Sonam Tsering, I was born and brought up till to the age of ten in a beautiful region of kham province in Tibet where the means of subsistence is strongly supported with farming and domesticating animals. When my parents were busy in bringing out a better production with works of winnowing, tilling and threshing . I was grown up under the great guidance of my great grandmother who was no longer there at my sight since then. As a naughty and snotty six year old boy I knew not more than me and my toys, the pebbles which I play with, Yaks and goats which I graze on the ground of great width. When I was grown up with enough strength to support my family, they taught me the tactics of tilling and shown me the greener side of grassland where I have to graze either goat or yaks with yelling and yowling. There by the idea beyond the boundaries of my village is out of my imagination and I knew not more than my domesticated animals.
It was a time of Great Depression where the siblings suffered under the socialist suppression, my Father had an endless tales to tell of how his father was tortured in the cell. My mother also had memories of how her mother was angered by enemies who drags dogs and domestics till to death and beaten her till to her last breath.
It was a time of black and blind where the violence in silence was where I assigned,
While I was wondering in wilderness with yaks, sheep and goats.

Somehow one day I was asked by my mother that, would you like to go to India? It was an unexpected question which happened to fall in my deaf ear, either from the heaven or from the hell. I have no idea where it exactly lies. Whether it was just above the sky from where the hailstorms were falling down as a waste of a long lost uncle in India or it was at somewhere that could be only seen through the transparent stones of somewhere else. But gradually I was well nourished with the knowledge of where it exactly lies and for what purpose they are suppose to send me. Then I accepted their propose with such an excitement that what could be there beyond the boundary of our village. Then I was accompanied by one of my cousin who was ten years old with same age of mine. And we were told by our parents that a man who is totally a new man in our new world would take care of us throughout the journey. Then we started our journey and it took almost thirty days to get to India.
We beard each and every hardships that we had faced on our way and finally able to get to India. We slept under the sun when we think of the galvanized gun of Chinese. We step out like an owl at night when the enemies are not at our sight. When we think of far behind bars we crept and crawled like a victims of war. We escaped through the crest of hills and through the winter wind chills. We crossed the rivers in its coldest stage and mange to cross the border by leaving behind the boundaries of Great Wall. Our foods were finished in the last minute of our arrival at border areas and had to banged the doors and begged a bread to save our last breath. We exchanged our clothing with food and managed to arrive in Nepal after crossing countless mountains and rivers.
Finally we were received by the Tibetan reception Centre in Nepal and send us to India from where We got the blessings of our great guru His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and got education under the guidance of TCV (Tibetan children’s village) and it has enlightened me from an uneducated nomad boy and truly transformed me into an another human being. Now I am pursuing my further study in Political science Honors in Delhi University with a dream to do something for the cause of my country and to return to the land where I belongs.