Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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About Me

They say writing is just writing, that it's not a real job. If someone asked me what I do, I'd tell them I write, rather than disclose my full-time job as a rep on the phone. I don't consider writing a job though. It's hard work, and there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into it, but it's not an obligation and it's not something I dread every day, Monday through Friday.

Writing is more than something to bank on. It's freedom, of soul and mind. It's release, of stress and worries. It's where the imagination has no limitations, and dreams not only come true but come to life in written word. Writing is visual art that paints countless pictures in ink and lead. It's art, glorious and gorgeous in its many, many forms.

Anyway, that's how I view it, and that's why I write as often as possible. I do want to make a name for myself, mostly because I can't let all my work go to waste. Writing is amazing for the author, but if they can't share it with others, it's almost pointless. I want others to see my art, and get the chance to appreciate it like one of Leonardo's masterpieces. I'm not perfect, or on that professional level Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are on, but I'll get there. It's already on my agenda to do.

If you want to know more about me personally, I apologize ahead of time, but I may not feel inclined to share personal details. Not easily, anyway. What's the mystery in sharing everything? You should see enough in my work. There's hints, and that's the only hint I give.

If you've managed to read this far congratulations. Give yourself a gold star. And then enjoy some of my short story collection. I have many more written than what's posted. I'll post one here and there as time goes on. Just to keep things fluid and interesting.