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About Me

This is the official page for Scott Winchester's THE CHESS CLUB.

Nicolle Darling knows all about unhappy living. Friendless, broke, and abused, she spends her time reminiscing about the days when her brother was alive and wishing her crush, Elijah Beaumont, would abandon his supermodel girlfriend for her. All the while the rest of the high school whispers and gossips about one thing: The Chess Club, never seen without sunglasses on, never speaking to non-members, the most intimidating students on campus.

On what appears to be a normal morning, Nicolle awakens to find that things will never, ever be the same. Her eyes have changed color, becoming an unnatural but alluring Black. And with this change, she can kill at the touch; with this change, she can hear voices beyond the grave...

And with this change comes an offer from the mysterious Chess Club. Nicolle Darling's life goes from unhappy, broke, and abused to something else entirely, and very, very fast...

Hundreds have read and enjoyed this up-and-coming novel by Scott Winchester. Join the growing number; learn what goes on inside the Chess Club... ...

Praise for the novel:

“Addictive reading. Skillfully told. Scott Winchester has taken all the things that make for a page turner, all the things that make for an emotionally engaging story, and all the things that make books fun to read, and mixed them together for an intensely satisfying read.”

“Very emotional... well done."

"I love this book so freaking much."

"I'm so excited! This author is very talented!"

"I love the story and the relationships Scott Winchester has woven together in this novel."

"Scott Winchester has accomplished getting tears out of me; that doesn't happen very often. Cannot wait for more."

"I LOVE IT!! I don't know any other words to describe how I feel about your masterpiece..."

"I'm sure this book will get published. Good job."

"Without question, this is the best book I have ever read, from the very first page to the last. You will not be sorry you gave it a chance. Let's cross our fingers and pray he writes more."

"Within the first three chapters I was hooked."

"[Scott Winchester] writes like an angel. He might be my favorite author now."

"I've never enjoyed a book this much. Absolutely incredible. I have no doubt in my mind that this guy is gonna get published and be so stinking rich, and we're gonna be watching THE CHESS CLUB movie within the next five to six years."


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Miscellaneous New Year Comments
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Posted 10 Years Ago

 photo d6cd4150-f18b-49b2-b462-81d9fd903084_zps2d989410.jpg

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Always, and of course, I was offline for a long time, ("I'm a traveler, and busy in real life too, I see the world, not always around here, but when I am, I am fully for those who have been for me, (it can take a while with me, for I'm Dutch, but I try to give my all, and best for the effort the writer wrote with.")

Much inspiration I blow your way, and keep on writing, you're very talented! :) with me, take it easy, my writes will be here forever.... ;)

Happy times,
Elisa x

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Thanks so much for noticing this little Dutchie, I've read already a few chapters of yours ;) (I'm the silent reader on WC) LOL.... you're and write amazing, can't wait to get totally into it. Thanks.

- Elisa