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Sneha K.R

Sneha K.R


Animal I Have Become.

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About Me

I believe the only way to expel emotions is by writing of them. If you want to leave a review, make it honest. I would like real review of my work, not my character.

What about me ? Well ,I'm Sneha ,that's a common name hah skip this. I don't mind sharing a part of my life somehow.
Well ,when i was two ,i was that little girl who expected the world. But when turned to 3 ,everything turned out to a disaster. No nothing ,black x-mas ,empty celebrations. It all vanished in a matter of seconds. But they say time is a healer ,maybe it's true. One thing is sure ,that everyday i do try my best to mend the broken pieces of yesterday.
So yes :
~GREAT TALKER~ Lol, this is so me.

That I am :D

Uhh ,short ones are just awkward.

That i do. Love me for who i am and i love you back.

Analyzing myself would make me very expected and leave no room for surprise. So I suggest you ask, and maybe I'll tell you ;)

I only believe " The more you read the better you write" capable to do, moreover mark me as "dead". You can't truly say that you know a man unless dead, and i'm not!
I rose from the ashes to take back my life ,everything i thought was gone. My poems are often sad, this you will often find,
the feeling of sadness is always on my mind. I kinda overthink everything constantly. But i'm alone somewhere ,somehow ,i would grab a pen and start writing about things randomly or draw images i never knew existed. Someday ,i'm gna sit and figure out what it's all about.

I always spend time ,writing about the story of my life. One woman ,one reason (yeh she changed my life). Sounds so mysterious ,but i think that's what it really is. So is life.

At this moment i'm not working, i like advocacy and all. I'd like to become somebody ,my father always wanted me to be.

I can horse back ride, but I haven't since I was ten. I love swimming, roller-coasters,i adore seeing others happy.

I'll be the first person there when I see someone crying, even if I don't know them, I'll feel horrible if I don't ask them if they're alright.

I can happily say, I love meeting new people. It's like a new craze ,when i discover new things which amaze me.

Any cliche could fill this page, just to let you know a side of myself. but any side of myself would be just one part of me, and therefore an incomplete description. These being said, you're welcome to read and comment in any way you deem fit, with the single request of judging the work, and not the creator :)