I've been procrastinating on reviews lately. Sorry about that! I'll get back to it. :)

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About Me

I enjoy reviewing stories and early novel chapters with some poetry now and then. I am a non-professional writer myself and find reviewing others work extremely rewarding; especially in an environment where it's hard to get reviews of any kind. I give extremely thorough and well thought out reviews because I believe that I can really help people improve their writing when I do. Though I may get an angry message once in a while, I try to be as nice as I can when reviewing. I understand that criticism of ones writing can be hurtful. Trust me, I've been there. :)

If you want me to review something, don't be shy! Send me a message asking me to do so. I'll gladly give you the review you're looking for. I review work for people who have sent me a message and have asked me to review their work first. They get first priority. Then I review a piece of work from those who have sent me friend requests. (Although I do not like getting friend requests when I have had no connection with the person beforehand) I do not often get to my friend requests section to review work because I get too many messages, so send me a message to get put higher up on my list. I do not review read requests.

I want to give help to those who really need it, and can't find the needle of help in this giant haystack of a website. I know that I never could. :P I used to post work online but stopped after being plagiarized a bit. So now I plan to simply review others work and maybe post something small now and then. Besides, I think that posting my own writing will make me seem like a hypocrite since I often make the mistakes that I suggest others fix in their own writing. XD

Please don't take my reviews too seriously! It's YOUR job to take what you want out of my reviews. Take only the suggestions that you think are right for YOU, or else your simply being told how to write. Don't be a slave to every piece of criticism you get! Write how YOU want to write, just be open to improving it.

I do not RATE writing. I will not put a number in that box that is out of one hundred points. I believe that writing can be improved, and thus that rating is always changing. If you want me to, I'll put a rating in my comment to show you how far your work is coming along though.

By the way, if I've reviewed some of your writing, feel free to send me a friend request! And don't ever be afraid to send me a message or two. :)