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About Me

- When we were young, and life was different -

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My Bio:

I'm a stay at home mother of two, residing in Moreno Valley, California. At the moment I'm working on the first book of what I hope to become a series called "The Gatekeeper Chronicles". The title is still up in the air at the moment.

I was born in the OC, Westminster, California in '82. Where my beginnings and inspirations to become a fictional writer began, it was after attending a school assemble at Mabel Carver Elementary, in Stanton, California. I was introduced to a children's performance company, every year I hoped to write a short story that would be preformed by their yearly visits. Two years later in 3rd grade I achieved my childhood goal, and I wrote a short story that was personally selected and performed on stage by the company during the next year's assembly, I was so excited! But when I think about the story I wrote... I still to this day can't help but laugh because it just so silly.

I was later awarded for for my play, and from that point on continued writing whenever given the chance. Through the years I had gotten several complements from instructors, encouraging me to continue writing.

In '93 my family moved to Menifee, California. We had no choice, my mother was suffering from severe asthma problems and she needed the dry climate, doctor's orders. I was so depressed having to leave my old friends in Orange County and starting over as the new girl in school, and at the same time afraid of losing my mother because she was in the hospital for about a month, so I started writing poems.

By the time I attended high school, I started preparing for college. I wanted to go into Journalism, so eventually I did what I could to get into the school newspaper committee in my junior year. But, my counselor wouldn't let me join because journalism was considered an "advanced" class, and I was in English with a big, fat, red "F". I didn't let that stop me, there was a reason I had an "F" in English... I HATED ENGLISH CLASS WITH THE PASSION!

So I went around him, and spoke to a "family friend", Major Gathar. An ex-marine, who had spent the previous year chasing my brother Joshua ("James" from my book) around town (Literally!), Thanks BRO! Major Gathar was our Vice Principal, and this year he had made a promise to keep an "eye" on me. But Josh was the trouble maker, and I was the quite one, and Major knew I loved to write, so after going over my school records, he couldn't believe I had a "F" in English, but then he realized my clas schedule had an "A" in Shakespeare, another "advanced" English class I took as an elective for fun. So he dropped my old English class, and gave me the last open spot in Journalism.

After two weeks I had the highest grade, nerd... I know, but I loved writing and getting my point across, luckily I got comments from other students saying they had started reading the school paper again! And I was half expecting them to throw bricks at me LOL! That year I also signed up with a local TV News Station as a news reporter for Riverside County, "R.C.N. TV News" directed by Michael Perry, and went into modeling (some type of self esteem thing my parents encouraged). It was shocking to see myself on TV, reporting local news, in fact, it was embarrassing I couldn't watch it all. I just remember the next day the librarian saying "Hey I know you, your that girl on the news station! (Bright red face... omg, I wanted to die.)

Still... I longed to become a fictional author one day, so I continued writing through poetry. In 2000 I was published in two books at the age of seventeen for a poem I wrote called "Freed", published in "The Live Poets Society of NJ - American High School Poets Regional Winners 2000"; and also in "From the Mountain Top" published in the summer of 2000.

After high school I attended some creative writing courses at the community college, Mt. San Jacinto, at least it wasn't English. That's where I received my first bit of inspiration to write Chapter One - Midnight Calling, and the introductory "Prelude" to the "The Gatekeeper Chronicles".

Originally the story came about when I was asked to write of a descriptive scene for the course. My muse, an old illustration I did after moving from Orange County, and a poem I wrote called "He Craves Another". Eventually the piece developed into more, when several of my class mates handed me copies of my paper back with notes encouragement on the side. I couldn't believe it! They really liked it?

Unfortunately, later on some devastating things happened in my life and I stopped writing for a period of nine years. I had remarried, and after a couple years things started happening to my family and friends.

(me and my best friend, my brother Leon. He gave me away at my first wedding.)

I lost my best friend and brother Leon, to suicide in the summer 2002, my mother-n-law Lori to asthma, one of my brothers broke down with depression from Leon's death and was put in a psych ward, my grandmother had gotten breast cancer, and later my parents divorced, more and more people of the family and close friends started dying one by one, mostly all within just a couple years. I thought my family was cursed, and I was afraid to wake up each day, worrying I would hear more bad news. I thought I was being punished for something, but instead of losing my mind, I went back to writing, hoping to create a story that encased some of the memories and feelings of my own family, it was the only way of consuming my thoughts with something else, and through it I feel like sometimes I learn more through the eyes of my main character, because of alot of her thoughts generated from my own, maybe... in the long wrong it's all about starting over and finding where you belong.

(Josh "James", Curtis "Anthony" Leon "Micheal", my brothers when we were young. )

That's when I wrote "The Journal - Entry Two". A piece I wrote when I felt like God was punishing me for something; but I didn't want to give up my faith in him even though sometimes I didn't want to go on, but I had to, I had a family of my own and even though I was hurting, I kept writing. Now, I write because it's fun, and I enjoy it. I have a goal again and...

Now, I have two beautiful children, a husband who supports my writing. My little family has moved recently to start a new beginning, we still have our ups and downs but that happens, and more then ever... I'm enjoying just writing for the first time all over again.

That's pretty much my story, for now.

Dreamscape: The Gatekeeper Chronicles
A Book by Nataliya Maize
Watchers, waiting for the chance to change the course of our history; altering the very fabric of our reality, along with everything we've come to know and love. And now that chance had come, and I was the only one standing in their way...

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I found this program about a year ago when I started "officially" working more on my novel "The Gate Keeper Chronicles", and I have to say for the year that I've tested this program out, it has been such an awesome tool to use! Er.... more like another arm or something... hmm whatever...

You gotta at least check out the website and see what I'm talking about cause this program is AWESOME!!! I think it would really come in handy for alot of you, trust me you'll take me later! LOL!

It's called: Liquid Story Binder XE by
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Posted 13 Years Ago

Merry Christmas gingerbread man Pictures, Images and Photos

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Nataliya I've added a new story. Could you check it out and tell me what you think?

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks Nat for reading my poem!

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Tornado watches??? In California thats strange. Well its February and that always the rainy season in California right.

I have doing good. I told you I went back to school right. Thats pretty much all I have doing lately. Not much time to write or read on here.

Well Nat I hope your doing well beside the weather. Spring time will be here soon.....smiles

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Hows it going tonight Nat


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Your welcome m I had a boring Christmas but I'm glad you had a good one.

I hope you have a Happy New Year.


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Posted 14 Years Ago

lol im good <3 u?

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Posted 14 Years Ago

lol i actually didnt have anything to do with the vid XP. <3 but he's one of my best friends so im advertising lol. and thanks i like your display also <3

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Love the music at your page....very nice.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks...though honestly I haven't even really thought about it. haha