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Voids Voids

A Story by TXMoggie

About Me

I'm a 40-something empty-nester. Hubby and I own a small s/w business and hubby works for a US govt. entity.

I've been writing since I was in second grade (first short stories and first poetry) but had some distractions over the years (first marriage, birth of daughter, divorce, different career path to actually make $). Finally pursuing the dream of an MFA via University of Texas. We'll see. First class starts at the end of August.

I write short stories for the most part. Literary stuff. I've written four novels but they were all pretty pitiful. Still, the process was pretty amazing. I was working full-time plus and putting out 1000 words a day. When life threw its own curve at me (v. my taking a questionable path) of autoimmune disease, I had to quit full-time work and work from home on the s/w biz. Lots of time to write. But did I? Well, for the first two years, I wrote like a fiend. After a mere handful (really) of rejections, I went into a major block lasting 8 years. The growing world of distance learning has given me this new opportunity with UT and the GWG class has given me more confidence in actually making it thorugh the MFA program.

I'm not much different from the avatar - my disease restricts my UV exposure so I'm so white as to be nearly translucent. Redheaded and a tad on the grumpy side some days. Hubby is a very patient man. Your basic WASP who had a very interesting childhood of travel but a rather uneventful adulthood since remarriage.

Gots one furkid - a 2.5 y.o. blind mutt. 92 lbs of love and wrinkles. He's almost as spoiled as my daughter was when she was living at home. Who am I kidding, he's easily as spoiled.