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About Me

*I'm a mom to a beautiful baby girl with some medical disabilities and it takes up a lot more of my time than you would think so I'm not accepting swaps or read requests at the moment simply because I don't even have time to get on here as much as I'd like to and wouldn't be able to respond in a reasonable time frame.

Goals: Have a book on the NYTimes bestselling list by the time I'm 25, move to London by the time I'm 30, and get rid of global warming before I die (I'm realistic enough to know that that is a pipe dream but it's the thought that counts). I have a lot of liberal views: Global Warming is a REAL problem, I 100% support marriage equality and I am definitely pro-choice. My books and the characters in them will have some of those traits pop up from time to time so if you don't agree those views, then please don't read/comment/review my stuff. Also, on the few occasions that I do browse around and read other people's works, I don't like reading works written in the first person. Don't ask me why and please don't get offended (for some reason a lot of people do) if that's how you prefer to write that is totally cool, everyone has their own way of voicing their talent. I don't 100% cut them out of my reading, but they just have to be really compelling for me to be interested in them. I really like reading horror, fantasy, fantasy adventure, and young adult novels about eating disorders. The series I'm working on is kind of a mix of fantasy/action/science fiction and the series is planned to span around 8-9 books with a spin off series already in the works. I had posted tidbits of the 2nd-6th novels on here, but most of my focus is on the first book. I have material up through the first 6 books just because whenever I think of something that works for any of the books, I make sure to start a draft to record those ideas so they're not lost and that's why there's so little of the other books. The series has been seven years in the making and I'm on my third (and final) draft of the first book and as soon as the book is finished and I am able to get it all on here, I will start swapping with others. In the meantime, I wish everyone in this community the best of luck with their projects!

If there's anything else you want to know, just ask me I guess . . .


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Awesome poemmmmm XD