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About Me

I used to despise people of the writing community knowing my age because then I would get the pity "This is good for your age" and the sympathies of those thinking I am experiencing some heartfelt teenage angst, which I'm not. (It's the regular kind of angst, thank you very much.) But know that I am, young, and not as young as I once was. Perhaps it is overly-romantic of me to think so, maybe even a little arrogant, but I occasionally believe my mind to be wiser than its years.

I write in a lot of different writing styles. It's a shortcoming of mine, I think, because I would love to write a book, however, I am unable to maintain a writing style long enough to make it a cohesive piece.

I've been writing since I was a little kid. My former account on writerscafe from my pre-teen years is a horrific mess, and this one is getting old... Spring cleaning might be in order.

Critique is much sought after. Especially since my public school has never given me a proper grammar lesson.

Oh, Tunder is a pseudonym meaning "fairy". It used to fit my personality quite well. Some days it still does.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

thanx for the add!

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Hi, thank you for your friendship, it's much appreciated :)

Crown Court Censored Urban Rap-Poet (2009-2014)

Using urban poetry, I fought back against 'Family Racism' towards my mixed race Daughter. Crown court then censored my poetry for five years.