Making some changes to my fanfic. need to get rid of a few chapters for a bit...

Belfast, Ireland
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About Me

Awright then. My name's Breandán, I'm a 19 year old guy who lives in a jumped up end in the world by the name of Northern Ireland. I would love to be completely original and stuff by saying that i have a talent for making fun of everything and just having a laugh, but the reality is that i take writing very, very seriously and I'm really quite shy. What can I say? We all wear masks...
In past years i was alarmingly shy and could not relate to many people. Having spent a year at the Belfast Metropolitan College, and am now at the University of Ulster studying English Literature, such things are hardly a concern anymore. Thusly I take to reading and writing with a passion. I love horror novels, though i haven't read too many (Dracula being my all time favourite) and i like adventure/fantasy novels also (Like LOTR and The Hobbit)

Lets see, uh, yeah, I am vertically challenged for a guy in this society, aquiring a height of about 5ft 3" or 4". I got long-ish blonde hair and blue eyes. I do not care for long-term romantic relationships much, though i suppose the experience of a girlfriend might be... informative.

I am in the process of writing a rather large piece of fanfiction loosely based off of Christopher Paolini's bestselling novel franchise- The Inheritance Cycle. The story itself is based between his world of Alagaesia and my own fictional realm of Ignitia (coincidentally the title of the book at the moment is also 'Ignitia) which is the lands just north of Alagaesia. Most of the book is actually set there. I would really like some reviews and ratings on it, for though it is currently just a bit of fun and things to keep my 'creative juices' flowing. Here's a link to it, if anyone's having trouble.

I am writing a more original piece of work however, which i keep very close to heart. with some luck in the near future i can get it published.
So that' me.